super_man_23's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #217 - Newtralized! review

Old Partners and a new revenge!

The Newtralizer and Slash return to fight the Kraang, but as partners? And the partnership between Raph and Casey gets complicated; when Raph realizes that Casey isn't quite ready to fight two powerhouses like Newtralizer and Slash. In short, it's all about partnerships baby! Last TMNT review: Mazes & Mutants (215).

The Turtles and Casey.

In this episode, it's about partnerships and revenge! Slash is liberated from the Kraang's grip by an ex-prisoner; Newtralizer. Finding out that Newtralizer hates the Kraang for what they did to him, Slash joins him in a mission to stop the Kraang permanently. Elsewhere, Raph realizes that Casey might not be able to protect himself from other dimension threats like the Kraang. The two partnerships clash in this episode, and old wounds are opened up again!

I really, really, really liked this episode. It had the return of Slash and the Newtralizer; two really cool characters that can handle themselves in a skirmish against the Turtles --- and I would say are equal to them in skill level. I enjoyed the entire theme of partnership, and how that worked into the hatred that Newtralizer has for the Kraang. It was great to see how Raph was dealing with Casey and him being ill-equipped to fight both Newtralizer and Slash, and how Slash was dealing with Newtralizer's shadiness and narrow point of view for revenge. It led to some really great dialogue between the characters and how Slash eventually gets reaccepted by the Turtles after realizing that they are his true brothers.

A new alliance dies fast.

The story was predictable, but I liked how it played out. A predictable story is only as good as the experience. If the story is predictable, and the experience is horrible, then the entire story is garbage. However, if the story is predictable, and the experience is enjoyable, the episode can be really enjoyable. I would've liked to see Slash and Newtralizer's partnership grow even more in the series, however for what it's worth; it did reunite Slash and Raph together and tease how the heroes, and Newtralizer, can get back together again in the near future.

Overall it was a great episode with little to no errors. 5 out of 5.

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