sgcomicguy's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 review

Lonely Raphy

Ya, it's Turtle Time :D

When we last left the turtles (review#1) Raph was separated from the others and had just barged into the the house of Casey Jones!


Raph kicking ass, and lending Casey a hand, right from the get-go!

We also get aback story of Old hob and his relation to the turtles. We find out that Raph has been separated from the group since their mutation and the others have been searching for him since then. He has been wondering alone since then.

We also get the back story of Casey Jones and his family situation. He is living with his abusive, alcoholic dad since his Mom died.


Casey is WAY to accepting of the giant green monster in front of him.

Not a a lot of action other than than that bit at the beginning.

If Raph was never with his brothers or splinter after they mutated, how did he have the skills to beat-up Casey's dad? He has an obvious height disadvantage and no training.

This title cover implies the four Turtles and Splinter, are together- which couldn't be further from the truth. So the way the cover art (just about every version of the cover art) does not accurately show what this issue is about.


This was an origin issue to give back story, which is to be expect inherit first couple issues. I would like some more action though.


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