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Leonardo is transversing the rooftops on his way to rendezvous with Michaelangelo. As the turtle muses about the Shredder turning up again, a shadowy form resembling his arch enemy approaches him from behind. The mutant ninja launches an attack, but it turns out to be Donatello. Leo manages to disrupt his charge at the last second as Don dodges, admonishing his brother for assaulting him. Leonardo points out to Donny that his armor looks like the Shredder's. Donatello is surprised and states that he was thinking about Saki - so the armor must have taken that form subconsciously. The brainy turtle points out once again that he's been having problems controlling the armor ever since the CPU vacated it. The two are interrupted by Mike, who berates them for making so much noise. Mikey then leads his brothers to an abandoned theater where he's tracked the Foot Clan. The trio spots some Elite Guards standing watch, and proceed to take them down and borrow their outfits to infiltrate the building.

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