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Mikey is in his basement apartment in April's building writing in his journal when Klunk the cat comes to visit him. Mike picks up his pet and heads into the living room, where we see Donatello's body floating in a huge tank with various tubes connected to it. Leonardo arrives and tells his brother that he's heard reports that the Shredder is back. Mike asks if they should go ask the Foot what's up, but Leonardo reveals that he's already been to their HQ and it looks like a bomb went off there. Leo then states that he's going to hit the astral plane and attempt to contact Donatello. Mike decides to stay in reality keep watch on Don, since Shredder is back in town - he then hears a noise and draws his nunchakus, but it turns out to be Shadow, April and Casey. Casey and April asks what's going on with Don, and Mike explains tha they've spent the past two weeks onboard Vanguard's spaceship trying to keep Don's body alive. The tank is filled wth "medicine" and now all they can do is wait and see if Don can recover his body. Just then, Leo awakes from his trance and calls out for Mike to help him.

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