Where to start with Teen Titans?

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Hey guys, I've never picked up a Teen Titan comic. I've seen some of the cartoon and liked it, so I was wondering where to start. As far as my tastes go,

I really like old school Uncanny X-men,Astonishing X-Men, All Star Superman, Kingdom Come, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman and Son, and stuff like that

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Well with the new 52 there isn't a point to read anything before issue 1 because all the history is gone.

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I don't really care at all about continuities. I just care about good stories, and I prefer trade paperbacks

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go with Geoff Johns' run which was I believe volume 3

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The New Teen Titans. Two omnibuses are out, the third one comes out June 2013.

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@UncleEmu: Here are links to the starting points mentioned above. The New Teen Titans and Teen Titans. It all depends what your preference is. I really love the Geoff Johns Teen Titans and I think that is a great place to start. I am reading the New Teen Titans omnibuses (omnibi?) right now and they are excellent as well.

Edit: Also there is a Geoff Johns Teen Titans omnibus coming out in late february.

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Unless you're a completist, like unfortunately I am, don't even bother picking up the New 52 Teen Titans. It has been a train wreck.

#8 Posted by UncleEmu (197 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for the recs guys, I'll check those ones out

seems like not much of the New 52 has been good, so no surprise there

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If you prefer old school X-Men books (I am thinking Claremont?), then I would recommend the New Teen Titans run of Wolfman/Perez as it was pretty much DC answer to Marvels X-Men, containing both great stories and great art.

If however you don't feel like investing the amount of $$$ in the omnibus' but still want a feel for the books, you could go with Wolfman/Perez's last hurrah for the New Teen Titans and get Games. It still contains the essence of the New Teen Titans still, even if it was only half written 25 years ago and the rest was finished in 2010, plus you get to see Perez go nuts on the art.

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