What J.T. Krul Should Tackle As New Ongoing Writer of TT

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Alright so to say that Teen Titans has been a mess is an understatement.  The team may have finally stabilized and brought back some of the old characters in an attempt to recreate the charm of the early issues in the series, but something is still missing.  I have Felicia Henderson a chance as the new writer but that has turned out dismally.  Now that J.T. Krul has been announced as taking over the series in late 2010, here are some things that I think should be remedied and/or addressed within the book. 
Find a roster and stick with it! Sure the roster has been fairly steady for a few issues but I still look at the team apprehensively as the kill off or write out a character every issue or so.  Find a team and stay with it! 
Also, Krul should pick up some of the dangling plots threads from all of the fill-in writers before going into his own stuff (or at least address them).  Krul has a few stories already begun for him if he just looks some of the work that past writers have done.  My main examples of this would be Bombshell's army mother hunting her down, Kid Eternity's fate while hunting down the Fearsome Five for murdering Eddie and discovering the Calculator was behind it all, sorting out who Aquagirl actually has a thing for (she has been hinted at being attracted to Static, Blue Beetle, and Superboy), the pregnant Teen Titan as foreshadowed in the Origins and Omens prophecy, Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl getting together, Wonder Girl establishing herself as leader, Superboy discovering that his best friend Tim Drake dated his girlfriend, and resolving the Beast Boy/Raven romance to name a few.  Krul needs to get all of these issues sorted out before he can effectively lead the team in a new direction. 
Another refreshing change to the book would be to stop having extremely similar storylines.  I can't even tell you how many times that Titans Tower has came under attack the past 30+ issues.  Don't the Titans ever go out on patrol anymore?   
There are just a few of my ideas to help bring the book back to it's former glory.  What do you guys think would help this book out most?

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The whole Tim/Cassie thing was already taken care of in Adventure Comics. To be frank, Conner didn't really care. Really, he stated life was too short to be hung up on that type of stuff and forgave Cassie right away. As for the Pregnant Titan and Cassie/Jaime hook up, don't count on it. Those ideas went down the toilet the moment McKeever left the title since they were his plans.

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also the Tim/Cassie thing was nothing to begin with....they only kissed once
we really don't know if the things from Origins and Omens will happen or not yet

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Hmm thats true about the Origins and Omens being only possibilities.  However, this book needs help and I'm hoping that J.T. Krul can deliver.

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