What direction should they take the Teen Titans?

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MY opinion is that they should remove Tim Drake from the team and give his his only solo book again, which is what everyone seems to be wanting.

I also think they should remove Superboy because not only does he have his own solo title, but he also seems to be leading the Ravangers or something, which to me is confusing because he is apart of two teams and going on solo adventures at the same time.

With these two main characters gone I think they should bring in Static Shock since people do enjoy his character, his book was just not all that great. He would still be a good addition to the team and his back-and-forth with Bart Allen would be funny.

What direction do you guys think this book should go?

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I agree. Get Tim away from Teen Titans (at least for a while) and give him a solo book. I'd love to see a Young Detective Comics title starring Tim with Steph Brown (and maybe even Cass Cain, but I think she's slated for Batman Inc.) in a supporting role. Superboy I don't mind on the team but if he goes to the Ravagers that actually might help that book out, so I wouldn't mind that. Let Wonder Girl lead the team and add some new characters to the mix. Static and Rocket would be good choices. The only problem with that is then people would only recognize Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. They haven't done enough with Bunker or Skitter to make me care about them and Solstice is eh.

Honestly, I'd probably prefer they consolidate the Ravagers with the Teen Titans and only keep the interesting characters:

I'd read that. Just let the rest of the characters retire. Or, if you still wanted Robin and Superboy to focus on their solo titles, add in Static and Rocket in their place.

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@fodigg: You just made so much sense

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could they give Drake another name besides Red Robin

you have Robin and Red Hood

he could have taken a whole new persona as Nightwing did

I just can't get behind the character, and I loved him as Robin

I would like Static/Rocket to get some play

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I think the best thing for a Teen Titans book is for the characters to be situated in one location, the pace to be slowed down for only a few issues. That way, we can have more character emphasis, especially for the newer characters. I love all of the ideas for character changes and inclusions, but I would actually highlight the characters that are already here, since we will likely not see them if they're cut from the roster. I need a reason to care about the newer characters. I want to see them interact with the world a little more.

In one word, the series needs to be grounded a little more.

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@BlueArrow said:

@fodigg: You just made so much sense


@kasino said:

could they give Drake another name besides Red Robin

you have Robin and Red Hood

he could have taken a whole new persona as Nightwing did

I just can't get behind the character, and I loved him as Robin

I entirely agree: http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/fodigg/i-hate-the-name-red-robin/87-72486/

My favorite idea for a new name is for him to take over the Gray Ghost persona.

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My main problem with the current run on teen titans is that I feel is a lack of understanding of the characters. For starters, the dialogue is so awful and uninspired. Lobdell was big in the 90s and I like what he is doing in the RHtO, but is seems that he cannot write teenage characters. And the guy is almost 50, the perfect age for him to have a complete lack of understanding for teens (ask any teenager and their father, and I'm sure they'll agree). Get some young talent on the book for the love of god.

I also agree that Tim needs his own book. Now. And written by anyone but Lobdell. In fact, get Niceza back on a solo Tim book asap. The name Red Robin doesn't bother me, but I can see why others might be better. And change his costume. Actually, give him the old Red Robin costume. Better yet, bring back the old red robin series.

This book feels directionless to me and as soon as my subscription ends, I'm dropping it. Tim is my favorite DC character, but Lobdells' run on the book is making it hard for me to stick with him.

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I prefer to just follow the Teen Titans tv show with Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven. Just get rid of the obsolete sidekick Robin.

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