Titans Annual #1

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Jericho's back! 

A brawl with the Justice League! 
Today on the Source, DC's blog, it was announced that a Titans annual would becoming out in July. The writer, Eric Wallace, promises that it will be "epic", and saying that it won't just be a "slugfest" but it also has emotional stakes for both sides. Also Osiris and Isis return to Kahndaq, and Jericho is back! From the looks of it we will finally get that battle with the Justice League they've been promising, and they say Deathstroke will go through some major changes.
Are you all excited? They promised epic, but I am not letting myself get my hopes up just yet.
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I think this is going to be horrible, but I'm glad that Jericho will be back.

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@Icarusflies: That's how I was feeling about this

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Well...doubt its going to improve anything other than the DC Blog cementing that Wallace doesnt apparenly know what a Titan is and isnt.


btw, itsnt this supposed to be on the Titans board rather than TT'`s?

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@Outside_85: I had just left it in general discussion on accident and one of the moderators moved it here :(
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Oh :S

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