teen titans has a big chance of returning to the cn important !

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Now that Cartoon Network is working on the shorts, it's our chance to let them know we want the titans back with new full episodes!!!

Tara Strong and Greg Cipes are helping too!!!

(@tarastrong) "We're doing some Titans shorts, but I bet if y'all tell @cartoonnetwork how much you want new full episodes..." She also posted this picture on her Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/tarastrong/status/...45/photo/1

(@GregCipes) "Get a 6th season for Teen Titans. Sign the Petition"

SPREAD THE WORD!!!!, the titans are counting on us to bring them back!! "It's very IMPORTANT to send mails to CN to let them know HOW MUCH we want the show back with a new season! Snail mail is the most effective way. Petitions are generally worthless in networks' eyes. The best bet is to send as much of individual heartfelt messages stating how much we want Teen Titans Season 6 as we can!!

► Mail Cartoon Network: Choose a Category (programming), Choose a Topic (Teen Titans)


► Sign the petition here:


► Twitter:


The petition only allow us to give just one grain of sand per person, it's only a sign...and that, I'm afraid, it isn't enoght. But to mail CN is OUR 'trump card' They are more than a sign, they are our own words coming from our hearts and minds and that's how our will will prevail and so will the Teen Ttitans legacy!!


*Greg Cipes posted this on Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/GregCipes/status/...73/photo/1 Even they are glad to keep going on with the Teen Titans media and sure want to keep doing more TT episodes too We must not let them nor ourselves down!


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I signed it. Might write the letter if I feel up for it... I needa Titans. Rawr.

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Teen Titans was the best. I would love to have it back.

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bump oh sorry didnt see you there

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No, the Titans died with my youth. Either buy the DVDs or build a time machine.

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@royale_with_cheese said:

No, the Titans died with my youth. Either buy the DVDs or build a time machine.

Hell to the NO!!! We need Teen Titans back because out of all the cartoon shows currently out there, Young Justice is the only one that is actually good!! And with Teen Titans back, there would be two awesome shows!! Teen Titans was one of the best teen superhero shows ever!! The last episode left off on a cliffhanger so there needs to be another season!!

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.....I don't want it back......

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I feel like it would be confusing to some people if Dick was featured on two different shows with two different teams in two different universes. Plus, if it's true that Beast Boy is joining Young Justice, then that would be a WTF moment too, since he's on Teen Titans also.

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Young Justice is more Teen Titans than Teen Titans was....let it go

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0_0 me gusta

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