'Teen Titans Go!' Premiere Ratings Results

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It's no secret I'm a fan of the old Teen Titans. There's a lot of great stories and Marv Wolfman really established who these characters were. We've seen a Teen Titans animated series before and now they're back...sort of. Teen Titans Go! isn't necessarily a continuation of the previous run but it does feature the return of the main voice cast.

Before the show even aired, many were quick to condemn it. The assumption is this show is directly responsible for the cancelation of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Animated shows don't work that way. People shouldn't make assumptions without having all the facts.

While there has been some hate over this show, the viewing numbers have been released. How did it do?

It was the #1 kids program of the day on basic cable among boys 2-11, 6-11, 9-14 and male teens. It also ranked #1 in its time period among kids 2-11 and 6-11 as well as boys 2-11, 6-11, 9-14 and male teens. It also did better in its time slot than its competitors on Nickelodeon and Disney XD by double- and triple-digits among the shows key demos of kids 6-11 and boys 6-11.

There are more numbers from NHI Galaxy Explorer, Live+Same Day U.S. AA rating. Teen Titans Go! had more than two million viewers. Among boys 6-11, the rating score improved Cartoon Network's performance in that time slot by 117% versus the previous week.

Is the show perfect? Is it everything we comic fans would want in a Teen Titans show? Of course not. Did I chuckled several times? Yes. Did my daughter enjoy a special night of TV viewing (she doesn't normally watch TV during the week)? Absolutely.

Here's the thing, Teen Titans Go! is a light-hearted show. That doesn't mean I didn't like Young Justice or the New 52 'edgy' versions. I'm just totally okay with a show that's meant to be fun. Comics are getting to be too serious as it is. Some may argue over that but that's why we're all entitled to our own opinion.

You can't argue that the show has a great voice cast. Khary Payton as Cyborg did crack me up. Saying a line like "You're gonna need a drink of water with this hot sauce, baby!" when he's shooting his canon makes no sense but in his boisterous delivery, it's over the top and hilarious. Another scene had Beast Boy falling so what does he do? He turns into a cat so he could land on his feet. Absurd but, again, it made me laugh.

The show is split into two 11 minute episodes, in the vein of Adventure Time. The first episode, "Legendary Sandwich" has the team in search of the elements for the perfect sandwich.

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I will admit when I first saw this clip, I wasn't won over. But check out our interviews with Khary Payton and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy) to get an idea of the energy and passion they have for the show.

The second part, "Pie Bros" was actually written by Will Friedle (voice of Terry McGinnis and others). Again, it's a ridiculously absurd episode but you will not be able to get that pie song out of your head.

Check out poor Beast Boy's dilemma.

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The show is not for everyone. It's not meant to be. Look at the demographics from the numbers released. You can see who they're aiming for. But that doesn't mean it can't be for everyone. I love these characters. These sort of shows all seem to have a limited run. It's the way the industry works. Blaming the next show for the end of a previous one just doesn't make sense. I will continue to watch the show and simply have fun while doing so. That's the important thing for me. Hopefully you'll give it a shot. If it's not your thing, that's fine. Hopefully you can find something else to enjoy.

When I say "I want" you say "pie!" I want...

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I caught it randomly the other day and it actually made me laugh XD Though I wish they brought back the original series or kept young justice on to be paired with this lighter series.

Overall I think I might keep up with the show or at least buy it on dvd when it comes out.

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as much as i want the original show back... i did chuckle... damn them...

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I don't see why everyone was mad at the show from the start, YJ and GL:TAS were cancelled after TT Go and Beware The Batman were announced. Tell DC Nation to get a longer block :D

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Here is what infuriates me. This is a saturday morning kid's show, hands down. DC Nation had two very serious shows, with plotlines spanning the whole season, and they only played them once a week at 9 in the morning. This was a huge failure on the Network for not realizing that more serious shows deserve the time slots that Teen Titans Go has, or even playing them more than once or twice a week on the early weekend. That is why the shows failed, because they didn't even ahve a chance to be shown at an appropriate time

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I caught it randomly the other day and it actually made me laugh XD Though I wish they brought back the original series or kept young justice on to be paired with this lighter series.

Overall I think I might keep up with the show or at least buy it on dvd when it comes out.

This, I know people are mad that GL and YJ were cancelled and are taking it out on this show, but blame CN, blame viewers for not watching enough of GL and YJ, but don't blame the show. I caught the first episode, and it did make me laugh (Robin in the store with the broken shopping cart was pretty darn funny) though..I don't know if I'd buy the DVD, a show has to REALLY impress me to make me do that.

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no interest. the art's crappy. i did laugh reading that line about beast boy turning into cat, that's kinda cute but i'm not into the silly. prefer my humor witty

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there is such a thing as too much goofiness. it crosses the line and becomes forced. this show crossed the line and heading over to mars.

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I watched it and liked the first part, but the pie one was just plain stupid. It's not a bad show based on the first episode, but I could easily see it getting really old fast.

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While this kids show does replace YJ, at least it's just as entertaining to watch. The video did get a laugh out of me. And much like the new TMNT, This show seems to have a soul. It doesn't seem to use "kids show" as an excuse to tell low quality jokes and stories like a certain Ultimate Spider-man

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Here is my review for the episode:

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I wonder if the people who said this show would flop will admit to being wrong. Actually that's not fair it could go down hill sooner or later, and those people will come back again.

I may not like the show but I knew it would do fine, if ben 10 didn't die, and ultimate spider-man is getting another season, this will do just fine.

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Kind of reminded me of the Powerpuff Girls, although I like PPG better. TT Go was funny though. Maybe they will bring in other heroes too?

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I loved the show.... which sucks for YJ. It was fantastic to hear the gang once more but the high ratings might damage YJ's revival.

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I think its a great way to get kids into comic characters, then they'll get the comics, so its a win win. I honestly didn't care much about the TT and YJ show. And I'm not watching this one, but I do hope it stays successful.

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Just think of this as Tiny Titans the animated series! All will be well!

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Why is Cyborg a member of the Titians when he's a member of the Justice League? I'm very confused.

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I have been vocal with my beef of this show. However, for those like me kicking dirt on it. Check the demographics, if you don't fall in that age group and don't like it? Who cares you never meant to.

But looking at my kids having a blast watching it, and singing songs about PIE afterwards..(Yummy..!)

Its hard to knock the final product.

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It's no Ultimate Spider-Man which is a good thing. As a big fan of the Teen Titans I though it was actually pretty good not amazing but pretty good.

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I'm sure a lot of people won't give it a chance out of spite for losing Young Justice and Green Lantern: TAS, but personally I don't find it appealing.

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The day we forget that comics/cartoons are supposed to have a prominent space for kids is the day I'll stop being a consumer. May that day never come.

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I'd much rather blow my head off then watch this

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PIE! :)

The show seems cute, the clips were funny.

How cool that Will Friedle wrote an episode!

I don't have cable but if I did, I would probably watch it. (I would say the same about Young Justice & Green Lantern: The Animated Series.)

I agree, there's nothing wrong with a little "lighthearted" humor, the world is too serious.

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This is sad.

I refuse to watch.

I feel bad for the kids having to grow up with these dumbed down sheepish cartoons these days. -_-

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The day we forget that comics/cartoons are supposed to have a prominent space for kids is the day I'll stop being a consumer. May that day never come.

exactly while I would like to see more YJ and GL, or even TT more like the original, they are aiming at kids and for that its a success.

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Is article is kind of weird, seems like a bit of a rant.

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Looks like a good cartoon for kids, I liked the old show dont think I could get into this one as much

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I wish this was like the old Teen Titans show.

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I watched it and I didn't enjoy it but that's okay my two year old seemed to dig it.

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I actually enjoyed the show. It was funny and cute.

Some that grew up with the old show might not like it too much but these new kids would really enjoy it.

It's just a little weird when you've read the comic books and seen the old show. Raven, the demon portal, watching My Little Pony or whatever...yeah, that's weird.

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The rating system is a bunch of malarkey. The Nielson system is a very small percentage of homes with a box that tells them what that family is watching. Evidently in the homes of pothead hippies who like shows like Duck Dynasty, Dancing with the Stars, and CSI clones. A lot of good shows get canceled.

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It's no Ultimate Spider-Man which is a good thing. As a big fan of the Teen Titans I though it was actually pretty good not amazing but pretty good.

agree ultimate spider-man show is very bad but teen titans go was pretty good made me laugh

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I was originally kinda mad but, I won't lie, it's cool.

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@iaconpoint: It's funny how you say that. If you're serious, Cyborg was originally a member of the Teen Titans before the Justice League. ;-)

#39 Posted by iceslick (822 posts) - - Show Bio

----Pie!". I love that song already. I even actually went to go buy blueberry pie. So me and my boyfriend enjoyed it! :-)

I'm pretty surprised that you posted this Tony @g_man. It's really gonna bring out the hate mail. lol

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I am kind of irked because this show is getting tons of coverage and publicity, even moreso than Young Justice did when it was actually airing. And the early morning slot is perfect for the show. I don't want the show to fail, but CN really needs to learn from its blunders and market its shows properly, in the proper time zone, etc. YJ seemed doomed to fail what with the lackluster amount of advertising they gave it, the less than stellar time slot and the constant hiatuses.

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I laughed, but I am still sad they didn't just bring back the old version. I don't mind a bit of silly but it seems like CN felt YJ was too dark so they went the opposite direction.

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It's okay. Decent enough for children. Maybe it could be popular if they offer a little nostalga to some Teen Titan comic fans. Maybe

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At first I wasn't very interested in the show, based on the commercials. The announcer's dialogue made it seem like it was going to be a stupid show that was immediately going to go downhill. But now that I see this review, the show seems kind of funny and interesting. I think I might have underestimated the show. Although I do think that they should add different heroes like Kid Flash.

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I really miss the old Teen Titans show and would love to have it back... But i guess this is better than nothing. I will be watching when i can.

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Brave and bold was awesome. Goofy shows are great. Adventure time.

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People are forgetting that this show could be based on any characters, or use completely original characters, and it would be the same quality. The fact is this being a 'Teen Titans' show is of little to no relevance. It's another amusing kids show, but it's not a DC show, and is a waste of a DC nation time slot.

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The quality of the designs are poor. Looks like a "flash" fan made

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the hell i care, give a few months and CN will axe this too.

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I'm sure most would prefer the old Teen Titans like me but I'd rather have some Teen Titans than no Teen Titans plus I'm loving the humor so far.

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I thought it was cute and funny, and I happen to like cute and funny. I guess I don't get people who get bent out of shape over it. The old version still exists. You can go back and re-watch it, and still enjoy it. The fact that there's a new version doesn't (or at least, if you're reasonable, SHOULDN'T) take away from that. I myself liked the original series very much, but I welcome the new one. I'm just glad to see it back in some format, with the original voice cast. Humor (and moments of super-deformed character design) was always a big part of it anyway. Maybe it's not everything you wish it was, but maybe if people give it a fair chance they can enjoy it for what it is, which is actually pretty entertaining.

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