TEEN TITANS (Fallen Heroes)

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It just came to my attention, it is not a good career move to be a Teen Titan

The body count has got to be the highest of any team in comics!

Hawk and Dove ( the male and female versions) DEAD

Superboy DEAD

The new Titans West squad DEAD

Frankenstein Jr, Bombshell, Pantha, Wilderbeast, Kid Flash


So my question is:

What is the official Titans body count?

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ok let's see:

Anima (possibly dead)

Aquagirl (Original is dead the other one is alive)

Baby Wildebeest

Bart Allen




Donna Troy (died then revived)

Original Dove

Duela Dent


Golden Eagle (died then revived)

original hawk

Jason Todd (you know the story)

Jericho (died then revived)


Lagoon Boy (possibly dead)

Lilith Clay

Little Barda (possibly dead)





Raven (died then revived)



Vulcan (possibly dead)

Young Frankenstein

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I guess the more imporrant ones come back eventually.

So if you want to be in the Teen Titans just be a sidekick to anyone in the justice league.

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@htb106: Thanks for telling everyone your opinion 4 years later.

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