Teen titan movie?

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using the new teen titans roster. Donna, Dick, Raven, Beast boy, starfire, and flash. whos would play who and who would be the main villain.

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I vote "no" because I'd rather just have more Young Justice. However, if I were to do this I'd want to do a mix of young/old titans:




  • Simplified (and PGed) version of Identity Crisis. The team is already established, so there's no awkward "meet everybody one by one" thing. Dr. Light is someone who was a low-level takedown in the past (shown before opening credits) but since his humiliating defeat, has gone from part-time evil to complete monster. He's also taken a few levels in "badass". He busts out of prison and goes ballistic on the Titans/Justice league, landing Justice Leage member and heavy hitter Cyborg (because even if he's on the League, you need Cyborg in a Titans flick) in the machine shop for repairs, possibly terminally. The Titans have to lick their wounds, rally, and take Light down. It's the "lightweight becomes a credible threat" story but without the R-rated elements of Identity Crisis.

edit: I guess it's less Identity Crisis and more just the aftermath of that when Dr. Light took on the Titans as a whole:

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@fodigg said:

Issue no. please?

I would prefer team to be:

  • Dick (Robin, so Nightwing could be done later, if not done in a possible Batman series)
  • Raven
  • Starfire
  • Cyborg
  • Beast Boy
  • Donna Troy (possibly)
  • Wally West (possibly)
  • Terra (in sequel)

I don;t think they could do Donna and Wally, what with DC keeping them under wraps, and being somewhat obscure characters compared to the rest of the Titans. I have a feeling that if this movie is produced, a majority of the viewers will be kids who watch the shorts on DC Nation, and teens who grew up watching the show.

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The original 7 ( Dick, Cyborg, Beast boy, Donna Troy, Starfire, Raven, and Wally). The plot should be based on The New Teen Titans no 1. The sequel should be based on the Judas Contract. Done

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