Superboy, and Wondergirl

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I don't think that it is just me that thinks with the recent Superboy comic pairing Wondergirl, and Superboy together. And it seems as if they are kinda forcing sexual tension between the two. Now I think that this could be a cool idea, but it does seem a bit forced, and opinions?

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@Hipsterhobo: Recently, yeah.

They had a great relationship before it was messed up pre-reboot. Basically before Felicia Henderson took over. : /

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i love Wonder Girl and Superboy together. Before the new52 their relationship was lovely, but it got a bit mucked up in some aspects before the reboot even happened. After he died and writers decided to have Wonder Girl and Robin make out/try and date (omg, so awkward). Then there was the whole Rose thing. Don't get me wrong, I love Ravager because she's her own special type of heroine, but alluding to a thing with her and Superboy? NO.

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I like their relationship pre-52. I would like them to progress from friendship to an eventual relationship in the New 52. I don't like how much Cassie is dissociating herself from the Wonder Girl title and Diana.

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Wondergirl has a boyfriend already.

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