Should Rex & Ben 10 join The Teen Titans

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They're not part of the DCU.

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@JediXMan said:
"They're not part of the DCU. "

Static Shock was not at first , but now he is
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Why would you want to throw random cartoon characters onto the Teen Titans?  Makes no sense. 

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@Mach said:
" @JediXMan said:
"They're not part of the DCU. "
Static Shock was not at first , but now he is "
Static was a comic book character that got a cartoon based on him
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if u look thru the content of comicvine and searcg for ben 10 and rex are dc characters, this is because the cartoon network comic is syndicated with DC



#7 Posted by DEGRAAF (8341 posts) - - Show Bio

who is Rex? If they placed Ben on the team it would have to be the version during Ultimate Alien and i would change his back story to him being a genius level scientist prodigy kid even if in the comic he didnt create the omni-trix. He should be a genius so he would know how to properly work it. Like on the same level o intellect as Cyborg
#8 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14402 posts) - - Show Bio
Static started out as a comic book character owned by milestone comics wich was owned by dc comics.
their was even a crossover called worlds collide that had him fight superboy
#9 Posted by xforce96 (14 posts) - - Show Bio

static was gonig to be on teen titans vol 3 roster. but, then the show come. copy rights etc. you get it 
#10 Posted by greencrapweasel (158 posts) - - Show Bio

i have to admit they would be a nice addition to the team but i wouldnt really say ben should be because he just seems like he would keep more foccus on alien evils, but with rex i think itd be pretty sick the team would be fairly balenced but itd probally be to much a transtion from providence to the teen titans and there'd probally be no bobo so itd be a little sad without that monkey

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It would be cool to see Ben take on Kryptonian DNA especially if he showed the ultimate evolved form I aaumse that'd be superman P1million 

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I wont mind Ben joining Teen Titans as long as he already has his ultimatrix with him and maybe Gwen & Kevin could b in the Teen Titans reserves and occasionally help the Teen Titans out but a HELL NO to Rex joining.

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I guess if Dc needs heroes, but ben 10 and rex were created by man of action. Gwen would be useful to the titans though

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Gwen Tennyson should totally join The Teen Titans.

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they are not part of the dc universe lol im tired of all theses ben 10 crap showing up dont get me wrong i watch the show but they have nothing to do with dc or marvel

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Only if disney characters start crossing over with marvel characters.

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Make them darker, more serious characters and then I'd be happy to see them join.

But neither are part of DC continuity.

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@yuzulon: They could do would take some maneuvering legally but it could possibly be done. It would be like getting Harley Quinn, just with a few dozen more stacks of paperwork

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Rex is the name of the main character,the name of the cartoon is Generator Rex @DEGRAAF

#20 Posted by tochi_nwagwu (11 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Rex and Ben would fix into teen titan but it should be Ben10 omniverse and also have the ultimate alien watch and omniverse watch too

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I like it. Rex,Bobo and Six are really good characters. Providence is an organization that fits right in.

Ben brings a slew of alien worlds with him that improves the DCU.

when Spyboy and Young Justice teamed up it was pretty fun.

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