Help for My Teen Titans Speech!

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Hello fellow Viners! In my Comm210 class I have decided to give a 4-5 minute speech on the history of the Teen Titans! Yay! Anyways do any of you have any suggestions on what I should include or exclude? Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hopeful Bump!

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What's the requirement for your speech, as in, what's the assignment?

Also, what, as an audience member do you think would be interesting to hear about?

When giving the histories of comic characters, it can often be long and tedious.

What's drawn you to the Teen Titans? What makes you passionate about them? Do you like the characters and relationships? Talk about that. Don't worry so much about history as much as why the Titans are something worthy of a speech.

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@Crash_Recovery: Okay thanks for the advice! I will definitely talk about the characters more than their history, I think you pretty much summed up what I should do! Thanks!

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Say what you like about them, what's unique about them, anything you think would appeal to the general audience.

Good luck from a fellow Teen Titans fan!

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If you are a true TT fan, you would talk about how they practically saved DC comics a few decades ago.

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Don't forget the writers & artist.

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