Favorite Titans

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This is a topic for you to tell us your favorite titans of all time.  My favorite of all time is Nightwing.  My favorite current titan is Wonder Girl.  So what about you? Which Teen Titan is your favorite?

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My favorite titan of all time is Kid Flash (Bart Allen) and he's also my current favorite.
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Superboy, Tim Drake, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash.....as long as they're not written by Felicia Henderson

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I'll have to say Tim Drake. Not only is he my favorite Titan, but one of my favorite characters.
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@danhimself said:
"Superboy, Tim Drake, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash.....as long as they're not written by Felicia Henderson "

Cool, so you like second generation heroes, I like what they're doing with Tim Drake as Red Robin. I'm also glad they brought back Kid Flash and Superboy back to the Teen Titans.
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Wally West is my all time favorite. Of the current Teen Titans, I think I'd go with Static.

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  If my Avatar itself doesn't make it obvious enough, Tim Drake is the greatest.

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Mine is Nightwing and Red Star

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My favorite is Starfire, but since she's not currently on the team (which stinks but hopefully she'll return after her adventures in space with L.E.G.I.O.N) I guess I lean towards Ravager, Raven, or Miss Martian (hard to pick a fave, lol).

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Wonder Girl is pretty sweet, but I think I'd go with Nightwing

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mine is beast boy, then kid flash, then raven. beast boy is my favorite over all though kid flash does come close though to be fair
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Starfire and Bart =)

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Mines is robin

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Bart Allen is my favourite of all time.

He's my favourite right now as well, But I like Bunker and Red Robin a lot aswell.

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The Titans from Marv Wolfman's New Teen Titans and Geoff John's Teen Titans will always be my favourites.

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Static is my favorite current is Bunker

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As Titans, I really like:

  • Tim Drake
  • Superboy
  • Cyborg
  • Beast Boy
  • Ravager
  • Bart Allen
  • Raven
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Blue beetle

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nightwing and blue beetle

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Ha from being a hard core Batman fan you'd think my favorites are the Bat characters but they aren't! They are clos seconds though, and necessary to the team haha.

But seriously my all time favorite Titan is...


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Superboy. I love how in New 52 he's using his tactile TK more.

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