Titans 57

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Who read this? Who else thought it was good? After last issue I was getting excited about the Titans again (that stuff before with the future versions and all that garbage didn't really feel great to me) and this issue was good too. On top of the Ravager awesomeness throughout, I thought mixing it with Tim and Cassie talking about her made it even better. Question though, had Ravager shown precog like that (with that much detail) before this issue? I think it's a cool thing for Deathstroke's kid to have, just don't recall seeing it before. I like how she's finding her place in the team finally (or at least showing that she knows where it is) while still being a crazy killer. Dang, Ravager's cool, I hope she's not dead.

#2 Posted by Cosmic Sentinel (3733 posts) - - Show Bio

I've not seen her precog before. I don't think they'd introduce that just to kill her.

#3 Posted by G-Man (39804 posts) - - Show Bio

Must be new if the three of us don't remember her using it, or us "seeing" her use it. I thought it was pretty cool. And obviously there's no way they'd kill her in a firery blast off panel. She'll survive and be majorly pissed.

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I don't remember it either. Good issue however.

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