amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Teen Titans: Cold Case #1 - Father's Day review

Thawing the 'Past'

 There was only ONE thing on my mind when I got this one shot special: GEOFF JOHNS why didn't you write this? The idea of Teen Titans against The Rogues definitely sounded like an idea that Johns would have developed since his start on the book and his interest in The Flash.
Assuming that this adventure takes place after the "NEW TEEN TITANS" story arc (#34-37) and before "TITANS AROUND THE WORLD" (#38-41) it's great to see the ONE YEAR LATER Titans: Robin (Tim, before he leaves the team in #67 and become RED ROBIN), Ravager, KID Devil (before he dies in #74), Cyborg, and the Wonder Girl. 
Throughout the entire his one shot, it brings up an interesting past issue reference from IDENTITY CRISIS and TITANS TOMORROW, but I won't spoil any more details. For all you die hard TIM DRAKE fans, this book will definitely give you shivers down your spines.

Posted by longbowhunter

I passed this up at the shop Wednesday. Even though I love the Rogues and own every Teen Titans issue of the current volume, it just seemed a little pointless. If its as good as you say I may go back and get it.

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    First of all, I´m not a big fan of Robin, the Titans and the Flash, so the most natural feeliing for me when I bought this comic was not to feel so happy and excited about it, and a little lost too. But it was for my fortune that this one shot orbits in an event that took place in the aclaimed "Identity Crisis", by Meltzer and Rags Morales, and reading this book turned out to be quite entertaining and fun. The Rogues against the Titans (or a part of them, I´m not sure this is after Blackest Nigh...

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