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Teen Titans Annual #1 (DC)

So I decided to take a break from the Good, Bad and Funny format this time. I decided to just go with it. Let’s begin...

So the first thing you notice about the Teen Titans is the costumes. THEY ARE STRAIGHT OUT OF TRON. What the hell were they thinking?! Why do they do shit like this?!

Okay, so the artwork (apart from the costumes) is pretty badass! The detailing is pretty good, as one should expect with mainstream DC stuff.

The story is interesting. The Titans find themselves in a strange place and up against a new enemy called Harvest! (what a name man!!) Who basically has some grand master plan for the future! All this must start with an event called The Culling. (No relation to the sparkling vampires at all) So going by the title, this entire mini-cross-over kicks of here and covers just the Culling.

Also trapped in this place are the Lost Legion: A band of heroes from the 31st century, brought back to the present day by our bad guy. They find themselves up against the Titans. Random fight sequence and witty banter later they decide to fight together as the Culling begins.

All in all an okay read. I’m not too fond of it, even though I’m a big fan of Tim Drake!

SCORE : 5 / 10 (... and that’s without taking the TRON suits into consideration.)

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