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The Culling is here!

The Good

This was a very good comic to read, I enjoyed the length of the issue because this crossover is such an exciting arc that it would be hard to fit it all into just 20-page issues. One of the big bonuses of this issue is the introduction of Artemis Crock in the New 52, this is a good choice considering the amount of people who watch Young Justice so introducing Artemis would sell more copies. I also enjoyed the introduction of some of the Ravagers that we have not yet seen in the New 52 such as Beast Boy, who was portrayed very well in my opinion.

The Bad

I think one of the few bad points in this issue is the death of Artemis which I'm sure could upset many big Young Justice fans although there is a reason for this unfortunate death because it really makes the two teams serious about defeating Harvest, it also shows an interesting bit of insight into Tim's personality because he was really tempted to go insane and seriously injure Fistpoint, the Meta-human who killed Artemis.

The Verdict

I think that this is a very interesting issue and you should definitely pick it up even if you're not reading the current series and you want to get into the Teen Titans.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

A nice review.

So...They introduced a character to the New DCU...and then killed that character off. Smart?

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