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A spitfire of Action 0

Warning, Spitfire hopefuls must not read.......I think....THE EPICNESS BEGINS! THE CULLING IS UPON US! The best of Teen Titans, minus Static, the best of the Legion, which I really need to get more of, the best of Artemis, whose gotten a Mr. Freeze makeover.Creepy villainsA place that looks like hell.....or a ketchup factory. Whatever comes firstAnyway.....I do have one compliant.......WHY IS BEAST BOY RED! WHAT UNNATURALNESS.....and a Terra who is not Atlee........

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Hunger Games?..........Anyone? 0

This is it. With this issue begins the epicness, for some people this thing of jumping to Teen Titans to Superboy and otherwise has been some confusing..... NOT NOW BOYS; Now all the pieces fall in its place and starts to make a bigger vision of what is happening is BIGGER oh yes A LOT BIGGER than we thought.So many things happen here that is almost overwhelming so, no, I'm not going to talk about the story..... well maybe just a little to excite you (and so make you buy it) >:DThis issue ans...

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The calling me 0

The GoodLoved every panel of this comic. From the first panel to the last panel. This is the Hunger Games of the Dc Universe. Teen Titan vs. Legion Lost vs. Ravagers vs. Other people that are not so important so I do not know there names. This is just one great comic. They introduce one familiar face every Young Justice fan will know. Love how this comic has Superboy's first appearance through the whole comic as a Titan. I don't read Legion much but after this comic I have to definitely pick up ...

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It's no secret, Brett Booth is not my favorite artist by far. But I like to make it very clear that I am completely aware that it is entirely my own personal taste, and that his art is not bad. So I'll refrain from criticizing it. Much. I HATE the way he draws Timber Wolf, I could barely recognize the dude. And his cover design tends to be lackluster. The generic 'Teams Staring Each Other Down' actually CAN work, but this one is CLUTTERED like mad. Plus the background is just FILLED with excess ...

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Teen Titans Annual #1 0

THE GOOD: The art is amazing. I'm really glad that they managed to get one artist for the whole entire issue instead of having more then one and having a whole bunch of inconsistencies. There is plenty of details and the backgrounds a captivating. The characters look good in this new outfits. The story is not necessarily original (The Hunger Games) but they pull it off in a fashion that you want to read more. We get to see the Legion of Super-Heroes members who are lost in time fight the Teen Ti...

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It's no Court Of Owls, but I doubt you'll be disappointed 0

Let's get one thing straight. Both Court Of Owls and The Culling are essentially fight comics. There's little to no large complex story and more of an excuse to have a crossover where various characters beat the hell out of something nasty or each other in this case. To be honest, the only reason I was excited about The Culling was to see a a Teen Titans/Legion Lost crossover. Both teams I like a lot and seeing them together brings out my inner fanboy. The storyline here with Harvest and his Bat...

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Teen Titans The Culling Part 1 0

Here is my video review for Teen Titans Annual issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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The Culling is here! 0

The GoodThis was a very good comic to read, I enjoyed the length of the issue because this crossover is such an exciting arc that it would be hard to fit it all into just 20-page issues. One of the big bonuses of this issue is the introduction of Artemis Crock in the New 52, this is a good choice considering the amount of people who watch Young Justice so introducing Artemis would sell more copies. I also enjoyed the introduction of some of the Ravagers that we have not yet seen in the New 52 su...

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Hunger Games? 0 really, I felt a Hunger Games vibe here. I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad one yet. Bad because well it's Hunger Games in a comic medium with teens, albeit heroes. On the other hand it could turn out to be really good, since we all want to see superheroes fight. At least here we see the teens turning into adults, is that always a good thing? We... Shall... See XDI don't like or dislike it just yet... I'll reserve the rest of it for when the other parts come out....

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Teen Titans Annual #1 (DC) 0

So I decided to take a break from the Good, Bad and Funny format this time. I decided to just go with it. Let’s begin...So the first thing you notice about the Teen Titans is the costumes. THEY ARE STRAIGHT OUT OF TRON. What the hell were they thinking?! Why do they do shit like this?!Okay, so the artwork (apart from the costumes) is pretty badass! The detailing is pretty good, as one should expect with mainstream DC stuff.The story is interesting. The Titans find themselves in a strange place a...

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