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As he sleeps in the rejuvenation tube in Titans Tower, Conner has a flashback of the big battle in Keystone City against Superboy-Prime. Lex Luthor strolls in observing his son and reminices on Conner's creation, Superman's death and return, how Conner was supposed to be stronger than he is, how little Superman cares for Conner and how much he cares for him.

Immediately after Lex Luthor places a crystalline shard next to Conner's tank, Wonder Girl and Robin storm in, Wonder Girl trying to entangle Luthor in her lasso. Luthor uses technology to tele-transport himself out of harm's way. Wonder Girl wants to place the Tower under lockdown but Robin stops her, knowing that he isn't here to hurt Superboy.

Cassie is skeptical but Tim reasserts his belief, seeing as Luthor provided Tim with the cure and information on Conner's celluar structure. Cassie is still willing to break a couple bones in Luthor's body but Luthor says that he'll do what he wants and tells them that he is on their side. When Beast Boy and Speedy march in, they catch a glimpse of Luthor who gives them a smile before tele-transporting himself away.

Cassie says they should go after Luthor but Gar thinks that Luthor might have something to do with what's going on. Robin disagrees and says that Bludhaven is their top priority. Mia says that she and Beast Boy got a message from a hero named Skyrocket and that rescue operations are underway.

Beast Boy says that the Doom Patrol are going to meet them there and he goes to Raven's meditation room to find her struggling to deal with all the magical and emotional trauma and turblence.

Wonder Girl elects to stay behind to keep watch on Superboy as she looks at a photo album. Conner awakens and Cassie releases him and they go to the kitchen for breakfast. In Bludhaven, several heroes such as John Stewart, Doctor Light, Black Lightning and Green Arrow help rescue civilians. The Teen Titans skydive out of the T-Jet and help out in anyway they can. Nightwing looks on to see the city that he was the guardian of in shambles. Nightwing sends out a call to nearly every hero asking them to meet him at Titans Tower and they're going to take down those responsible but no one answers so far. Meanwhile, Raven, despite her issues, saves a family from a falling building.

From afar, Psimon uses his telepathic powers to plague Raven's mind by mentioning Trigon. He and the other members of the Fearsome Five are reassembling Chemo for another attack but this time on Gotham City. They are interrupted by Robin who stops Chemo's reformation and knocks out Shimmer, Jinx, Mammoth and Gizmo with a knockout gas pellet. Psimon attacks Robin who is only spared when Superman comes to the rescue, knocking Psimon out.

Superman asks Robin about Superboy and the situation only to recieve a "he's doing better" and a "it sucks." Robin gets upset and talks some sense into Superman. Superman acknowledges that he is wrong and places Robin in charge.

Back at Titans Tower, Conner and Cassie are having eggs as Cassie talks about her ability to cook and her way of learning being trial and error. Cassie flies off to get her photo album. They look upon pictures when they formed Young Justice and just talk about growing up and Bart before stumbling upon a picture of their first kiss and Wonder Woman a bit upset with them for being in a relationship. The conversation switches to Wonder Woman and Cassie begins to cry since the gods and Themyscira have left the mortal plane, her embassy is gone, and her powers are waning. Conner and Cassie fly off, leaving Titans Tower behind them.

Back in Bludhaven, Robin, with Superman's help and encouragement, takes command of the rescue, having Raven use her empathic sensories to locate trapped people. Speedy drops with Joto saying that they spotted some of the Society members inside and the Teen Titans jet off.

Conner and Cassie fly over Keystone City which has been cleaned up a bit after the milestone battle with Superboy-Prime. They keep flying until they get to the Kent Farm and they land. Conner wants to go inside but thinks that they are asleep and doesn't want to make them. He heads into the barn and asks for Cassie's hand, wishing to show her something.

He shows her his own place above the banisters in the barn. He shows her his computer and his telescope and reveals that he used it until he discovered his telescopic vision. Conner nostalgically muses about the simpler times during Young Justice and Cassie asks if the world ends and Conner says he wouldn't want to be with anyone else. They kiss and end up consummating their relationship that night.

They wake-up, Cassie wearing Conner's S-shield T-shirt only to run to Ma and Pa Kent. They have a small awkward moment and Conner introduces Cassie to his grandparents. The Kents invite Cassie for breakfast and she gladly accepts.

Back in Bludhaven, governmental help arrives taking some members of the Secret Society into custody as the Teen Titans watch closely. Raven says that she senses this isn't over and they are still needed. Despite running off to save more lives, there is something missing without Cyborg, Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash.

After the Kents, Cassie, and Conner finish breakfast, Conner says that he needs to go back to Titans Tower to meet up with Nightwing after catching wind of his message. He asks if Cassie can stay since her powers are gone. It's alright with the Kents and after goodbyes, Conner flies off.

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