krspacet's Teen Titans #9 - The Culling, Part Four: If this be Victory! review

Is this the last of Harvest?

So many questions remain....

What is Tim hiding?

What is Skitter's fate?

What the freaking **** is Harvest.

The comic has potential, no matter how many bash the series. Will the series continue to work, and will it ever get a featured Review?

Now here's the question....can the next issue hold its own, for while I like Dinosaurs, and it could be a interesting way to tie in G.I could just fail eppically.


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    In Conclusion We Trust 0

    This is definitely the best Teen Titans cover yet. Brett Booth isn't my favorite artist, but he NAILS Harvest's epic wings and bizarre face.Oh right! I see now! TEEN TITANS is the reason Ig Guara's been away from my precious Blue Beetle. Assumingly because series regular Brett Booth needed the time to fully pencil the long Teen Titans Annual #1. So Ig Guara will be back on Blue Beetle next month I hope? Because sadly, the colors aren't doing Guara's pencils a lot of justice. The feel of everythi...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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