matkrenz's Teen Titans #89 - Bruised Egos review

Damian is here and he wants to stay.

Issue 89 of Teen Titans. 
The Story :We have Dr.Calligan takes Barney to a science expo were he demonstrates his new-found powers,wich is absorbing people's knowledge.Back in Titans Tower wa have Damian pissed that he is left at the Tower and isn't leader and easily gets his nervs picked by Rose.We get a page introducing Kiran the new Teen Titan on an archeological dig with her parents and Wonder Girl's mother.The Teen Titans get to the science expo to fight Barney,Raven calms Barney down but after that Damian starts beating him up and he runs away leaving the Teen Titans pissed at Damian. 
The Good :Damian is frickin awesome in this team.He pushes everybody's buttons and I was extremely happy that the interaction between him and Ravager is exactly what I expected.Also Calligan's plan seems to be something more than just taking teens and making them into Feral Boys but more into more intelligent beings.Nicola Scott's art is great as always.And there was still lots of great funny bits in the dialogue all troughout the issue. 
The Bad :I really dont care for Barney as a villain,as a teenager I don't want this kid represent how some teens feel lonely and he is a weak villain but his powers are interesting.Also I think that the team sould get their own scientific team instead of always consulting Dr. Mid-Nite and if they get their own scientist they better not act like the 2 idiots that were in Henderson's run.
The Verdict :Krul and Scott deliver in this second issue of Teen Titans,giving great fun,dialogue and art especially with Damian on the team for the next couple of issues.This is a buy and if you want to read this series get the last issue and this one you will not be disapointed.

Posted by Black_Kn1ght

Totally agree with you man.

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