matkrenz's Teen Titans #88 - Team Building review

Finally back on Teen Titans.

Issue 88 of the Teen Titans with the new creative team of J.T Krul and Nicola Scott. 
The Story:We start off in some high school and some student gets pushed into some girls,we learn his name is Barney and thanks to some narration boxes that talk him as some sort of perfect subject.We then go to the Teen Tiatms fighting the Feral Boys.After the fight we see one of the Feral Boys attacking Beast Boy and Ravager cuts off his hand showing she is still as ruthless as always.After that the team wonders were they came from and Kid Flash says that they aren't anymore in the sewers.Back in tower Cassie says to Gar that the reason she asked Rose tro comeback on the team was because she wants people that can fight and Rose was raised like that,also she sent some DNA samples to Doctor Mid-Nite.With Conner and Barry we learn that after Barry came back from the future he wants to write everything he learned before he forgets,even tough he should remember everything.With Raven we also learn that she has some feelings for Gar but with the whole Trigon thing she can't follow them.In Gotham we have Damian taking down a crook and Dick telling him that the main reason he didn't end up like him is because he had friends.Back with Barney he is taken by his biology teacher Carter Calligan and we learn that he is the one tha created the Feral Boys and does the same to Barney.We also have Gar talking with Conner while he was watching Pride and Prejudice and thinks that Conner is a fool and Rose is still on her mission to find her mother since back in issue 77-78 she didn't come back as a Black Lantern.In Cassie rooms we learn that this is obvious genetic manipulation but never saw this kind.Connor and Cassie talk bout how she doesn't see a way how she will lead the team and be with Conner.But the the alarm goes off and Dick and Damian are there and Damian says that he will be leading ths flock. 
The Good:God this is so much better than what Henderson was writting.Cassie and Connor's relatioship is written well and it makes sense as to why Cassie can't lead.There is great humour troughtout the issuea dn lots of previous character stuff is put here,wich means Krul went back and read as much as possible for these characters to continue each of there story.Wich reminds me can somebody tell me about when did Barry go into the future because I really want to know.Also I love that Krul put Ravager on the team since she is quickly becomig a fovarite character.Finally Nicola's art is simply brighter and lighter wich the last issue that I read lacked (my last issue was 83). 
The Bad:I find it weird that when Henderson was writing it was Gar that still had feelings for Raven but now it's the reverse.It's just weird. 
The Verdict:God this is what the Teen Titans should be,while there is some teen angst but it isn't as bad when Henderson was writting.This is a perfect jumping on point for whoever wants to read the Teen Titans.For the price of 3.99 this is a definite buy.

Posted by caesarsghost

great review, very in-depth

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