amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Teen Titans #82 - The Taking of Dakota review

The end of one problem, and moving on to the next one.

 Seeing Cyborg, Kid Flash, and Superboy with the Teen Titans almost reminded me of Geoff John's beginning for this book (he wanted Static as a part of the team in the One Year Later story, but there was 'red tape' to get around). Some of the dialogue, however, seemed a bit cheesy. Glad to see that something from MILESTONE FOREVER #2 has reflected onto this book as Frieda was blushing after her talk with Virgil (I hope that we'll see more MILESTONE CHARACTERS in future issues). As for 'Control Freak'...never was.
 As the last Ravager co-features wraps up...Rose was able to defeat Will (kills him after he killed a girl to make his getway). The scene with Kid Devil, an illusion, was very nice (too bad he's dead...those two would have been a good couple). Now she is done...but will she now return to the Teen Titans? Will she play a major role in the upcoming Titans - Villains for Hire story?
 ALSO...despite this co-feature being over a new one will be coming out featuring BLACK ALICE, ZACKARY ZATARA, and TRACI 13 as THE COVEN. Will it be good? What will we think of it and/or them?

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