haydenclaireheroes's Teen Titans #82 - The Taking of Dakota review

Teen Titans vs. Holocaust

The cover for this issue I enjoyed. It did not tell about the story but, I am always a sucker for covers with the whole team in it.  The story was mostly a fight between Holocaust and the teen titans. The teen titans defeat him by putting him into the core of the earth. Frida forgives static and asks for a phone call every once in awhile. I will not spoil the ending put I will say it leads to another fight. My favorite part of the issue would have to be Frida forgiving Static because I do not think she could be angry with him forever. The story was good and I enjoyed it. The art was moderate at times but, at the fighting scenes I enjoyed it the most. It was not the best art i have seen or story but, it is something worth picking up if you are a fan of the teen titan characters. 


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