amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Teen Titans #81 - Titans Together; Fresh Hell, Chapter 7 review

So far....

 Is it me or our new writer is doing an awful job for our excitement? As Holocaust has Static, Wonder Girl, Aquagirl and Bombshell captured to have their power duplicated for the black market, the rest of the team seemed a bit boring to read when searching for their missing team mates. Let alone Miss Martian having an 'Out of Order' with her abilities (damn you Wyld, seen in issues 75 and 76)
A few things however seemed interesting: Cyborg getting Kid Flash and Superboy back on the team (will we like it from the beginning, minus Tim and Starfire), the escape attempt was kinda funny when Wonder Girl and Aquagirl collide into Bombsehll's cheeks, And the fat nerd....could it be....CONTROL FREAK?!
As for the Ravager co-feature...things start to wrap up after what happened in the last issue (although it says it 'Chapter SEVEN', it's suppose to br 'Chapter EIGHT'). Will sending her a message with a WHITE ROSE (kinda obvious).... but for a final confrontation at the risk of four innocent girls.... it's real gambit now. Will she win? Will she return to the Titans or still be solo? Only time will tell....I hope that the next issue will give us excitement we need or it's bye-bye to the series..... (PLEASE don't kick Static out of the group....)


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