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Holocaust's Same Old Trick

 Is it just me or is it that this entire issue was almost like Static #4? Where Holocaust tries to lure Static into his side after showing the 'good life'. Despite ANOTHER real world reference (last issue being H1N1, this one discusses the Economic Downturn), I was kinda expecting more. But with Holocaust, he wants to deceive potential muscle for his (criminal) empire in order to rule Dakota. (Despite his 'death' from Milestone Forever #1, I smell a resurrection before/after everyone from the Dakotaverse into the DC Universe). It was also nice to have the Titans meet with Frieda Goren (though I'm curious to know how they managed to find out so quickly....must have been off-scene), hopefully we might see more of her in future issues as she might visit Virgil in San Fransisco. I wonder who is in Holocaust's crew said in the last panel (HIS NEW Blood Syndicate or somebody new).
 As for the Ravager Co-Feature.....things are almost wrapping up as she may now find a right path for herself after what Will did by shooting that poor, helpless, innocent Russian girl. No negative side effects (except for hallucinating the Tim Drake-Robin) meaning she still has game. Will she finally find understand heroism and teamwork if she decides to rejoin the Teen Titans? Could Rose kill Will or turn him over to the authorities? Only time will tell.

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