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 Finally we get to have the Titans in the mean streets of Dakota....a plan was suppose to happen in the Static Shock cartoon before they went for the Justice League. Despite a good issue I'm a bit curious on a couple of things: Does this take place before or after The Brave and the Bold Vol.2 #24 (which was published 6 or 7 months ago, and within that issue, Vigil said he had a date with Madison, Virigi's new girlfriend from SS: Rebirth of the Cool, when in THIS issue it says that she moved on when he went missing and finally came back home)?
 I was surprised to find out that their is a virus in this issue, I think it kinda reflects the H1N1 (Swine flu) here in our reality. Shannon moved out? Wow. How's gonna pick on Virgil at home? The Hawkins family suspect Virgil's double thinks that he will reveal his heroic-side to them....along with the Teen Titans and the other heroes in Dakota.

 The Ravager co-feature was a bit misleading when the plot review said, "slave girl", I was imagining something totally different. They should have said, "prisoner". I like her little monologue, the concept of rage linking to Ravager (hope she get's her own book after the co-feature, and if so....have very unique villains). In the co-feature it states that Ravager was passed out for weeks...I wonder if in later issues it will reveal what happened within those weeks. Was she probed or something? Is Will going to create an army of assassins like how David Cain and Deathstroke did in the Batgirl mini-series back in late 2008? Only time will tell. I hope the next issue will be exciting (....I predict that the Titans will accidentally run into the Blood Syndicate.).

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