amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Teen Titans #78 - Tortured Souls review

A New Path for Ravager?

 This was a very, VERY wicked issue. Apart from the hardcore action against the Black shocking evidence has been brought up: Lillian "Sweet Lili" Worth (Rose/Ravager's mother).
In the Wilson family, the death toll has Grant/Ravager, Adeline Kane/HIVE Mistress II, Wintergreen, and Wade/Ravager IV, but like Rose stated, her mother might be alive. If so, I hope that she will make an appearance because Rose has been through hell without her for 4 years (in comic book years, not our time of course). Will finding her mother change her character forever?


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    Continuing the Slade family reunion Zombie style, we pick up exactly where last issue left off, and Jericho explains how he got himself from the hospital to there.  I have to admit, that the last issue had me a little hesitant to make the walk over to this issue. Unlike the last issue however, this one breaks new ground. Heck, JT Krull even made me like Jericho for an issue.   There were some instances of over repitition, yet this time the story withstands its flaws....

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    SPOILER WARNING! First off, with this, I like how we got to focus on Deathstroke and Ravager instead of the Teen Titans because we already have the Blackest Night Titans 3-part mini-series so I like how we get something different here.  Getting to learn about Deathstroke's past was really neat, as he is one of my favorite DC villains.  Getting to learn about Jericho's past...not so much.  That was my ONE problem with this issue.  Too. Much. Jericho.  I've never liked Jericho.  Frankly, I agree w...

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