englentine's Teen Titans #77 - A Family Affair review

Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing

The first thing that came to mind as I closed this issue after reading it was, Not one of the "people" on the cover is actually in this issue. Instead we get a story dealing with The Wilson family. Ravager confronts Deathstroke and the two of them start to beat a dead horse. I mean they kick the crap out of it. 
   Even though it started out with a strong opening introducing the corpse of Wintergreen, but then the original Ravager shows up, and begins to go through the same stuff Slade Wilson has already dealt with. Seriously, you would think that the writers could come up with something new for these characters.  
  I was dissapointed in this book. I have been enjoying the Blackest Night story, and was looking forward to this issue. Instead I get an action packed boring issue. That brings back Jericho.

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    do you like Deathstroke? Of course you do. How about Ravager? How bout the other Ravager? yeah? good.  Teen Titan's #77 is a Blackest Night Tie-in that is sure to rock any Deathstroke fan's socks off.   Its a full fledged Wilson family reunion, with special guests William Randolph Wintergreen and a whole slew of Black Lantern rings.  If you care at all about Deathstroke, pick this sucker up. guaranteed to be one of the better Blackest  Night Tie-is simply because of the rich family Wilson histor...

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