timrothsays's Teen Titans #77 - A Family Affair review

Outstanding debut, J.T

This issue is a perfect way to be acquainted with Deathstroke. Don't look on the title - there are no Teen Titans and that's what does this comic an ideal BN tie-in.
 Slade, Rose, Joseph, Wintergreen, Adeline, Wade - deathly Thanksgiving dinner without turkey. Pretty good beginning, huh? I think #77 is the best thing that happended to TT in past 2 years. Please, buy it and hang in a frame.

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Posted by starkiller95

oh,another review from you! cool

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Another great review. 
They should use Slade more often.

Edited by timrothsays
@Michael the Fly said:

" Another great review.  They should use Slade more often. "

thank you and i agree
i think, the ideal decision would be creating a new ongoing series for Deathstroke-family with J.T onboard ^^
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

Review's little short you should go back to this one and give it some more detail aside from that not a bad job.

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