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"Deathtrap" aftermath! The team picks up the pieces following their crossover with TITANS and VIGILANTE as Ravager returns. But is she friend or foe? Ravager returns with the Titans to the Tower, as she has a crisis of faith. As she tries to find her way through the tower she sees the team training with Kid Eternity to find how long and often he can keep a summon going.

After training, Eternity confides to Wonder Girl that the rest of the team has been asking him to contact dead love ones. As she walks about over hearing what is being said about her, she strengthens her resolve to leave. After Eddie confronts her about her drug addiction, Wonder Girl asks to speak with her.

The two begin to talk rationally about wether or not Rose does have a place on the team. It ends in an argument with Wonder Girl practically tells her not to let the door hit her where the sun don't shine. The next morning Cassie wakes up to find that Blu Beetle was not on the prison transfer duty he was supposed to be on because Ravager took his place. Knowing the heat between Ravager and Bombshell, Wonder Girl has the team move in to stop the fight.

Meanwhile on an elevator during the transfer, Bombshell and Ravager are goading each other, until Ravager crosses the line and the two begin to fight. Ravager gets the upper hand and we find out that she was just wanting to make sure that Bombshells loyalties were with the Titans, and not still with Deathstroke.

Ravager then tries to get Eddie ( Kid Devil ) to leave Titans Tower with her. Saying it is far too dangerous for him to be there without his powers. The team puts it to a vote to see if Ravager should be removed from the team, but before they can we see that Eddie did in fact stay, and tells everyone that Ravager had left.

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