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It's Teen Titan versus Teen Titan when Clock King's plan reaches its final, twisted stage. With teammates missing or presumed dead, can Robin and Wonder Girl put the pieces together before Clock King's Terror Titans finish them off?

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DC at its cheesiest 0

My husband took one look at this cover and made some kind of snarky remark about DC's ridiculous costumed supervillains. They do look ridiculous most of the time but they are so much fun. I love this updated version of the Clock King (since Batman:TAS) compared to how used to look with a giant clock head and clocks all over his costume like something out of a bad Schumacher Batman sequel. Robin's feathery cape details are little over the top too but I have always loved Tim's Robin suit.And as mu...

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DC trying to make a buck 0

Lame!Seriously the entire Teen Titan idea is lame!Lets let the kids rescue the planet.Kids not grown ups.Way too silly which isgreat for kids ages 7-13.Basically if your voice is changing and your a guy then you shouldnt read this.Im 24 and i wouldnt of read crap like this when i was 14 so why should i now.Once agin DC is presenting us with crap.Lets make Superman a kid,Batman a kid,Martian Manhunter a kid.c'mon is anyone feeling me on this one.I dont like seeing superheros turn into little duck...

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