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As Clock King continues his campaign against the Teen Titans, Ravager struggles with her reasons for being on the team, what sort of woman she's meant to become...and a super villain attack on Titans Tower!

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Ravager Unleashed 0

Has she shown this kind of skill in any team battles? Seriously .... I don't remember. I know she shows, or we are made privey to a new power of precognition. Back to the prviously unused skill, She really goes to town on the Terror Titans, my favorite goes to the beating she lays on copperhead. Bloodied hand and all. The Clock King here comes off more than a bit like Fagin from The Charles Dickens classic story Oliver Twist. It works for him though. I haven't been this interested in him sinc...

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Titans gets better each Issue 0

It's Ravager vs the Terror Titans, and she is Kicking hind end and taking names!I'm still a touch concerned with the continuity gap between Titans and Robin (In Robin Tim is dating a Girl named Zoe, and in Titans He and Cassie just split up, which I'm another not fan of, no get me started) But this Issue was Excellent Artwork, and a Excellent Ravager story. If you've ever wondered whats going on in her head this is the issue to read. This issue comes in as a close second to the Issue where J...

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Awesome issue! 0

freakin awesome issue! Ravager kicks ass in this issue and pwns the terror titans this issue is exciting and at the end the titans tower blows up!!! kid devil is brutally tortured by the terror titans,robin and wondergirl discuss about eddie being missing and ravager being a self centered person who does not care about anybody but herself. also the story is so freakin exciting and i cant wait to keep reading the next issues and also i hope ravager returns!!!!!!! but i know she will cause i doub...

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