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The Teen Titans West confront the Teen Titans, in their Long Island restaurant headquarters. Lilith Clay claims responsibility for the cataclysms both teams have been facing. A brawl breaks out between both teams, instigated by Speedy and Gnarrk. Wonder Girl binds both teams in her magic lasso, and orders them to stand down. Clay reveals that Mister Esper has tapped into her psychic powers, and is using them to create the disasters. Backtracking Mister Esper's psychic tap has led Clay, and the Teen Titans West, to Long Island. Wonder Girl proposes splitting into two teams. One to track down Mister Esper, the other to keep Long Island from drifting away.

Robin, believing that Captain Calamity is the true culprit behind their troubles, takes a third team to investigate his possible connection. Unbeknownst to the twin teams of Teen Titans, Mister Esper telepathically eavesdrops on them. Having already fanned subconscious resentments into a full fledged brawl, Mister Esper believes he has control of the two teams. Aqualad summons a pod of whales to push Long Island back into place. Beast Boy transforms into a whale, to assist. Golden Eagle, and the Bumblebee, guide Aqualad from the air. The Teen Titans surprise Mister Esper in his lair. Mister Esper instantly seizes control of their minds, and forces them to battle one another.

At the same time, Mister Esper is able to psychically resist Aqualad's efforts to move Long Island. Robin, Bat-Girl, and the Harlequin, discover that Captain Calamity has escaped from prison. Realizing that Clay is the source of Mister Esper's powers, Wonder Girl throws Gnarrk into Clay, knocking her unconscious. The Teen Titans immediately regain control of their own minds. Aqualad no longer encounters any resistance in moving Long Island, back to where it belongs. The Teen Titans move in to capture Mister Esper, only to see him fade away. Robin informs the Teen Titans of Captain Calamity's escape.

Robin, Bat-Girl, and the Harlequin track down Captain Calamity, and engage him at the Throg's Neck Bridge. After a few harrowing moments, Captain Calamity is defeated. Captain Calamity is revealed to be Mister Esper. With the villain turned over to the proper authorities, for incarceration, Robin takes both teams out for pizza. Robin explains that Captain Calamity had always been a psychic projection of Mister Esper's, except at the end, when Mister Esper was the psychic projection. Robin hires a photographer to record the momentous meeting of the Teen Titans and the Teen Titans West.

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