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Bat-Girl, Beast Boy, Golden Eagle, Lilith Clay, the Hawk, and the Dove meet to discuss their current case. Finding Clay's premonitions too unreliable, Beast Boy, and the Hawk, bail on the meeting. Unbeknownst to the newly formed Teen Titans West, they are being telepathically eavesdropped on by Mister Esper. Mister Esper has tapped into Clay's psychic powers. Each calamity he forces her to face garners him greater control of Clay's powers. Just as Clay predicted, a skyscraper suddenly launches into the air. Beast Boy transforms into a giant gorilla, and tries to keep the skyscraper on the ground. The rest of the team rushes in to assist.

The Hawk and the Dove add their pulling strength to Beast Boy, while the Golden Eagle and Bat-Girl evacuate the occupants. Using her psychic powers, Clay ends the crisis, though she feints from the effort. Clay's boyfriend, Gnarrk, angrily intervenes, threatening violence against the team, for jeopardizing Clay. Gnarrk squares off against Beast Boy, but Clay calms the situation, before the two can come to blows.The Hawk learns that all of Clay's predictions did, in fact, come true. Two of them, though, occurred on the East Coast. Meanwhile, in Long Island, Captain Calamity threatens the deaths of hundreds, if the Teen Titans act against him.

Each of the Teen Titans works out an individual strategy against Captain Calamity. Acting in unison, the Teen Titans quickly subdue Captain Calamity, before he can make good on his threat. With Captain Calamity defeated, the Teen Titans easily subdue his minions. Wally West professes his romantic interest in Donna Troy. Unfortunately for West, Troy does not return his affection. Arriving at the Teen Titans headquarters, West and Troy are greeted by Aqualad. The rest of the Teen Titans return to headquarters. Aqualad states his intention to resign from the team, due to his overwhelming inferiority complex. The Teen Titans plead with Aqualad to reconsider.

Speedy notices, on the mission monitor board, Long Island floating into the sky. With Captain Calamity defeated, the Teen Titans are at a loss to explain this new crisis. The Teen Titans West arrive. Clay states that she is the cause of the current crisis.

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