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Kid Flash, with Robin, rushes Aqualad to Atlantis. Atlantean doctors determine that Aqualad is suffering from a mild case of dehydration. Aquaman blames the Teen Titans for Aqualad's condition. The Gabriel's Horn, a restaurant/discotheque, has it's opening night. Unbeknownst to the opening night crowd, the Gabriel's Horn is also the secret headquarters of the Teen Titans. The Rocket Rollers storm the Gabriel's Horn. Recognizing Teen Titan, Malcolm Duncan, a brawl ensues. Wonder Girl, Speedy, and the Harlequin, are quick to back up their teammate.

Wonder Girl is stunned when one of the Rocket Rollers is able to ignore her commands, while bound by her magic lasso. The Bumblebee joins the fray. Not realizing that the Bumblebee is on their side, Speedy attacks her. In the ensuing confusion, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Duncan and the Bumblebee end up taking themselves out of the fight. The Harlequin, standing as the last line of defense against the Rocket Rollers, ends up bound in Wonder Girl's lasso. Robin, and Kid Flash, return from Atlantis. The Bumblebee reveals herself to be Karen Beecher, Duncan's girlfriend.

Beecher provides Duncan with a new costume, and new identity, the Hornblower. The Rocket Rollers meets with their leader, "Bryan The Brain". Jealous that the Teen Titans' powers overshadow his intellect, Bryan outfitted his friends with the Rocket Roller gear, including earplugs to defend against Wonder Girl's commands, so that they could show up the Teen Titans. Unbeknownst to Bryan, the Rocket Rollers also robbed the Gabriel's Horn, while fighting the Teen Titans. Robin holds a press conference, to announce the formal additions of the Bumblebee, the Harlequin, and the Hornblower, to the Teen Titans.

The Rocket Rollers attack. With new armaments provided by their leader, the Rocket Rollers immediately take out the Bumblebee, the Harlequin, and the Hornblower. Robin, Wonder Girl and Speedy begin turning the tide against the Rocket Rollers. A revived Hornblower beats down two more of the Rocket Rollers, prompting the others to flee. Kid Flash chases the Rocket Rollers into the Atlantic Ocean, where their skateboards become surfboards. Suddenly, barreling up from the depths comes Aqualad, who takes out the remaining Rocket Rollers with one blow.

The Teen Titans gather at the shoreline to greet their comrade. Aqualad, though, suddenly collapses. Kid Flash rushes Aqualad back to Atlantis. Upon his return, Kid Flash has no real news, regarding Aqualad's condition, to pass on to his teammates. Duncan appears, costumed once again as the Guardian. Duncan tells the Teen Titans that too many people know that Duncan is on the team, citing the attack by the Rocket Rollers, at the Gabriel's Horn, as evidence. None outside the team itself, however, ever knew that Duncan was the Guardian. In reality, Duncan has taken up the mantle of the Guardian, because his Horn of Gabriel has been stolen.

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