mask_of_tengu's Teen Titans #48 - Flags of Our Mothers review


I liked this issue. I liked the cover. The art was a lot better than what I have been seeing in some other books. The story fit better into Amazons than did Wonder Woman.

Cassie and Supergirl decide to go to the military to release Cassie's mother and Supergirl's friend who are held by the police for being associated with Amazons.

When the military would not give up a short battle occured btw Supergirl and Miss Martian. Also Wonder Girl fought Robin, Ravager, and Kid Devil. Miss Martian held her own very well...Wonder Girl whipped the others ass. But they went to Hippolyta and afterwards decide to capture the President. At the end the Titans are about to be arrested by the military. I believe this to be a fine issue.

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