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Having taken Robin and the Joker's Daughter prisoner, Two-Face has just learned that the Joker's Daughter is actually his daughter, Duela Dent. While the Joker's Daughter distracts Two-Face, Robin works his bonds loose. Two-Face reveals the scope of his latest plan. Two-Face hired identical super-villain gangs to steal treasures, both real and bogus, from two different cities. Half of the stolen goods were hidden away in New York, the other half in Gotham City. Two-Face plans to detonate explosives in both cities. When the dust clears, whichever amount of the loot remains, in the greatest quantity, will inform Two-Face's future.

If there are more originals, Two-Face intends to go straight. If there are more forgeries, Two-Face will devote his life to crime. Robin slips his bonds only to find himself adhered to his chair. Undeterred, Robin swings his chair, and the Joker's Daughter's chair, around, flooring Two-Face. A second hit keeps Two-Face down, while also shattering the chairs. By the time Robin and the Joker's Daughter recover, Two-Face has fled. Spurred by Speedy's accusations, the Teen Titans debate the Joker's Daughter's legitimacy as a crime fighter. Malcom Duncan continues to try to contact his long-neglected girlfriend, Karen Beecher. Aqualad continues his treatment for, and to suffer from, Hydro-Asian flu.

Robin contacts the Teen Titans, to inform them of the twin bomb threats. The Teen Titans race out to meet the threat, only to be attacked by the Bumblebee. Targeting Duncan, the Bumblebee renders his Gabriel's Horn ineffective, before completely disarming him. Speedy nets the Bumblebee, only to see her shred his net with powerful vibrations. Wonder-Girl lassoes the Bumblebee, who flies even hiring, stretching out the lasso. The Bumblebee fires a stinger at Wonder Girl, which she deflects with her bracelets. That action, though, forces her to release the lasso. Kid Flash traps the Bumblebee in a super-speed generated whirlwind.

The Bumblebee retaliates with a vibratory, humming frequency that puts the Teen Titans to sleep. When the Teen Titans fail to rendezvous with them, Robin races for New York, while leaving the Joker's Daughter in Gotham City. Kid Flash, and Duncan, join Robin in New York. Two-Face's bomb falls towards the roof of the Guggenheim Museum. Kid Flash generates another whirlwind, at super-human speed, which slows, but does not stop the missile. Duncan uses his Gabriel's Horn to teleport the missile into the Atlantic Ocean. Wonder Girl, and Speedy, join the Joker's Daughter, in Gotham City. The Joker's Daughter quickly discerns that if Two-Face's first bomb came from the air, the second will come from underground.

Racing to the basement, Wonder Girl, and the Joker's Daughter, arrive in time to see the bomb burrowing up through the floor. Using one of her novelty weapons, the Joker's Daughter clears a path for the bomb through the museum, while Speedy blows up the roof with an explosive arrow. Wonder Girl lassoes the missile, and hurls it into the Atlantic Ocean. Robin, Kid Flash, and Duncan, arrest Two-Face, who asks to see his daughter, before he is turned over to the proper authorities. The Joker's Daughter adopts a new name, and costume, calling herself, the Harlequin. Robin notices that Aqualad's treatment has ended prematurely, leaving Aqualad at death's door.

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