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Two trios of seemingly identical costumed criminals, commit nearly identical crimes, in two different cities. In Gotham City, however, the criminals run afoul of the Teen Titans. Kid Flash races headlong into a wall of flame, courtesy of the Flamesplasher. Only by spinning at super-human velocity is Kid Flash saved from incineration. Wonder Girl and the Joker's Daughter tackle Darklight. While within Darklight's cloud, Wonder Girl and the Joker's Daughter accidentally battle each other, eventually knocking themselves into unconsciousness.

Robin snares Sizematic in a bat-rope, only to see Sizematic grow in size, until the rope snaps. Sizematic beats the Boy Wonder into unconsciousness. Kid Flash collapses in exhaustion, as the villains flee. Speedy, Aqualad, and Malcolm Duncan, put up the finishing touches on their new restaurant/headquarters. The other Teen Titans arrive, and relay their account of the robbery. The Joker's Daughter receives a premonition, regarding another robbery. She accompanies Speedy, Aqualad, and Duncan, to the scene of the new crime. The Teen Titans engage the same criminal trio.

Prepared for the Flamesplasher's flame attack, Speedy is caught off guard when the villain hits him with a pressurized burst of water. Expecting Sizematic to grow, Aqualad is thrown when the villain, instead, shrinks to avoid Aqualad's punches. Expecting Darklight's cloud cover, Duncan is, instead, blinded by a powerful flash. Duncan stumbles into Speedy. The Joker's Daughter attempts to apprehend all three criminals with a novelty weapon, only to have it turned back against her. The Teen Titans return to headquarters in defeat.

Making matters worse, Aqualad has collapsed from some unknown malady. Robin consults with Aquaman on the best treatment for Aqualad. Speedy accuses the Joker's Daughter of playing the Teen Titans for fools. Duncan receives an angry phone call from his long-neglected girlfriend, Karen Beecher. The Joker's Daughter receives another precognitive flash about a crime. Only Robin is willing to follow her hunch. The Teen Titans receive word that another robbery is taking place, perpetrated by the same three crooks.

As the Teen Titans engage their foes, another set of the same criminals rushes in. Duncan defeats the Sizematic Twins, by throwing the smaller one into the giant. Speedy uses an "icicle-arrow" to disable the Flamesplashers, sending them crashing through a window. Kid Flash and Wonder Girl trick the two Darklights into fighting one another. Back at headquarters, Speedy continues his tirade against the Joker's Daughter. Unbeknownst to the Teen Titans, Robin and the Joker's Daughter have fallen into the hands of the true mastermind behind the robberies, Two-Face.

When the scarred side of his coin comes up, Two-Face prepares to execute the two Teen Titans. To save their lives, the Joker's Daughter reveals that she is, really, Two-Face's daughter, Duela Dent.

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