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The Fiddler's music compels people to destroy the musical instruments being set up for a concert, in the Long Island Coliseum. Speedy, and Malcolm Duncan, engage the Fiddler. Combining their abilities, the two heroes break the Fiddler's spell. The Fiddler changes his tune, compelling the crowd to trample Speedy, and Duncan. With the two heroes thus occupied, the Fiddler escapes. The Teen Titans speculate on a new location for a new headquarters. Robins arrives, introducing the Joker's Daughter as a prospective new member. The Teen Titans don't cotton to the idea. Speedy, and Duncan, arrive, in a severe state of distress. Kid Flash identifies the Fiddler as a criminal hailing from Earth-2.

Meanwhile, concert promoter, Bernie Michaels, attempts to convince the Woodworkers to enter a battle of the bands, with Peter McCarthy and The Flyers. Neither band is interested in performing on stage together. Hours before the concert, Jack Ryder reports on the sudden disappearance of Peter and Laura McCarthy. Robin, Aqualad, and the Joker's Daughter, investigate the McCarthys' disappearance. The rest of the team return to the coliseum, in the hope that the Fiddler will return to the scene of his earlier crime. The Fiddler's music lures rats, bees and ants to the coliseum. The Teen Titans take action to keep the vermin away from the crowds.

Crawling with ants, Speedy accidentally fires on Wonder Girl. When Kid Flash moves in to assist, he is swarmed by bees. Duncan plays Gabriel's horn against the Fiddler's violin. Ultimately, Duncan triumphs, taking control of the vermin, then leading them out of the coliseum. Robin leads the investigation into the Mccarthys' disappearance. Robin is about to make a stunning deduction, when he, Aqualad, and the Joker's Daughter, are summoned by, and drawn to, Duncan. The Fiddler has entranced the Woodworkers, and is holding them hostage on the roof of the coliseum. Kid Flash, Aqualad, Duncan, and the Joker's Daughter charge the Fiddler, only to fall under his musical control.

Forced to square dance, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, are compelled to throw Duncan, and the Joker's Daughter, off the roof. The two heroes are rescued by Robin and Wonder Girl. The Fiddler plays his "Fiddlecopter" into battle. While the team dodges the copter's barrage of bows, Speedy and Wonder Girl disable the copter. Anxious to prove her worth to the Teen Titans, the Joker's Daughter engages the Fiddler, and defeats him with a series of novelty weapons. Robin reveals that Kathy and Richard Woodworker are also Peter and Laura McCarthy. As the Woodworkers, they had been reluctant to perform, live in concert, for fear of being recognized as the McCarthys.

Finally convinced to take the stage as the Woodworkers, they faked the seeming abduction of the McCarthys, so as not to appear on the same stage together. The Teen Titans convince the Woodworkers to come out to their audience, as Peter and Laura McCarthy. The revelation changes the face of pop music forever. Robin reveals that the Teen Titans' new headquarters will be in a restaurant. One that Speedy, and Duncan, will operate, in their civilian identities.

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