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Part 2 of the 'Titans East' storyline explodes as the two Titan teams clash!

In New York, Ravager and Jericho investigate why there's a Titans Tower there. Inside, they are reunited with their father, Deathstroke the Terminator. He says their place is with him. A fight soon begins

Wonder Girl wakes up and finds herself in the Fortress of Solitude. Connor is there. He tells her how ugly she is when she's sleeping. It turns out not to be Connor but rather Match. A fight breaks out between them and things don't look too good for Cassie.

Kid Devil wakes up to find himself bound to a giant crucifix after his confrontation with Kid Crusader. Kid Crusader wants to perform an exorcism on Kid Devil in order to "save" him. Uttering some words, Kid Crusader manages to turn Kid Devil human. He has separated the demon from him but it cannot last for too long. In order to keep them separated, he must kill him.

Robin is tied up after being taken by surprise by Batgirl. She is under the control of Deathstroke. He's been giving her the same serum that drove Ravager insane. As the fight between Ravager, Jericho, and Deathstroke heats up, Batgirl finds herself face-to-face with Ravager. Now she wants a rematch. As Robin tries to explain to Ravager what's wrong with Batgirl, Deathstroke hits him to shut him up. He wants to see what his daughter is made of. Jericho uses this opportunity to stab him in the back through his chest.

Raven finds herself bound in front of a bunch of funhouse mirrors courtesy of Enigman and Duela Dent. Cyborg is in pieces by the hands of Risk. Miss Martian is being held captive by Sun Girl and Inertia.

The fight continues. Robin has become free. He says he's been prepared in case Ravager ever turned on them and started taking the serum again. He figured it might be addictive so he created a serum to counter the affects. Using it on Batgirl, it's becomes clear why she's been leading the League of Assassins, tried framing Robin for her murder, and tried killing Supergirl. With her head finally clear, she vows to kill Deathstroke.

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