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Deathstroke's A-Team

 After battling the Titans for 20 years, Deathstroke finally puts together a team to match up. Former Titans/heroes are good, evil clones are better, and two wild cards (Sun Girl and Kid Crusader) are the best! Already in one issue, the Titans East bet the living daylights of everyone, except for Rose and Jericho.
 I kinda hate/like that Deathstroke always brings up how the Titans took away his children and his out to get them, I think that it not only reminds fans but also it introduces that concept to future readers who are getting into the comics. Then again, who am I to judge.
As Deathstroke returns with the same idea in Titans: Villains for Hire, I hope that this team will be unique as this one was.

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Posted by Mighty Thorion

As someone who hasn't really kept up with the Titans since the days of Marv Wolfman, it was relly interesting to hear how they are getting along these days. Deathstroke was always a major thorne in the flesh for the team, who have clearly evolved over the last few years. Good to know that Jericho is still around and mixing with newer members like Rose. Who knows, this might pique my interest enough to return to the team and give them another look. Thanks.

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