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Inherit The Howling Night!

The Teen Titans arrive at the Manning Estate, just in time to see a host of demons terrorizing young David Manning. Kid Flash rushes into the house, racing for the stairs. The stairs, however, move backwards under his feet, hurling him back against the wall. Robin, and Speedy, try to scale the vines leading up to the roof, only to see the vines transform into serpents. Startled, Speedy falls, into Wonder Girl's waiting arms. Robin makes it to the rooftop, only to have a corner gargoyle come to life and grasp his arm. Robin manages to extricate his arm, and return safely to the ground. Lilith Clay discovers a hidden lift in the estate, that ushers the Teen Titans to the rooftop.

Clay uses mandrake root to repel the demons. Astonishingly, Manning levitates the spiked iron railing off the rooftop, and hurls it at the Teen Titans. Wonder Girl keeps the railing from impaling her teammates. When questioned about his attack, Manning states that the Teen Titans' garish costumes made him think they were demons, too. Manning's grandfather tells the Teen Titans that they are trapped at the Manning Estate, by an infernal barrier. The elder Manning further reveals that the demons have plagued their family since the Manning boy was born. Manning's mother was stabbed to death with her own knitting needles.Manning's father was gunned down by a phantom flintlock.

The elder Manning has spent the last several years fending off supernatural attacks, protecting his grandson. The next morning, Speedy, while trying to get fresh milk from one of the cows, suffers a terrible attack. Wonder Girl discovers Speedy's trampled body in the barn. An anvil slams into Wonder Girl, pinning her to the barn wall. Then, Wonder Girl is buried in an avalanche of farming equipment. Kid Flash, taking a swig from a jar of maple syrup, finds himself fighting being drowned in said syrup, as it rushes to fill the kitchen. Robin, standing guard over Manning, loses consciousness, from the scent of enchanted flowers. The elder Manning discovers his grandson is missing.

Clay, and Manning's grandfather, set about rescuing, and reviving, the other Teen Titans. Suddenly, the ghost of Manning's mother, Rebecca, appears on the stairs. Clay establishes a telepathic connection with the spirit, and learns the truth. While Manning's father and grandfather were on a hunting expedition, young Manning, suffering from a fever, died. Manning's mother, in a panic, offers up her soul to save her child. Rebecca buried Manning, then fell into a fitful sleep. When she awoke, she found Manning restored to life, laying in his crib. Rebecca Manning's spirit fades away. The demons reappear, outside, playing with Manning.

The demons surround a spot where the shadows of the pump handle and the weather vane connect. While the Teen Titans distract the demons with a water barrage, Kid Flash races into their midst, moving so fast as to be invisible, and digs up Manning's coffin. Manning's remains confirm the truth. Manning is a changeling, a demon child substituted for the real Manning. The elder Manning guns down his "grandson", breaking the years long curse on Manning Estate. With no heirs left in the family line, Manning leaves his property to the Teen Titans.

"Please, Tell Me My Name!"

Lilith Clay, on the road in search of her true parents, encounters a red-haired woman, Lily Dunbar, being taken to jail, for witchcraft. Clay feels a strong psychic connection to Dunbar, believing her to be Clay's long lost mother. Clay manages to get an interview with Dunbar, in jail, by claiming to be her daughter. Dunbar did, in fact, have a daughter, who was abducted as an infant. Dunbar used her own psychic abilities to try to find her daughter, to no avail.

Despite Dunbar's confession to murder, Clay's psychic powers reveal Dunbar's innocence. Clay sets out to clear Dunbar's name, before Dunbar can be executed for her crime. Clay compels the Governor to meet with her, garnering a two day stay of execution for Dunbar. Clay confronts Ben Tatum, the true murderer. Dunbar and Tatum had been running a spiritualism con on a wealthy rancher. Tatum, in self-defense, was forced to gun the rancher down. Dunbar took the fall for Tatum.

Clay fails to convince Tatum to come clean about the crime. Tatum refuses to heed Clay's warning about resuming his life as a rodeo performer. Stunt riding a wildly bucking bronco, Tatum suffers mortal injuries. Before he dies, Tatum confesses to the crime. The Governor frees Dunbar. The media attention to the case, draws out Dunbar's true daughter, and the two are reunited. Clay accepts the fact that Dunbar is not her mother. Though Clay never finds her parents, she, eventually, comes to regard the Teen Titans as her true family.

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