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The Teen Titans are in a boat, on Loch Ness, awaiting an appearance by the legendary monster. Suddenly, the waters churn as the creature breaks the surface, nearly capsizing the boat. Kid Flash hurls a harpoon, at super-human speed, penetrating the creature's hide, revealing it to be a hollow facade. Operating the winch, Speedy brings Robin, and Mal, up to the surface. The Teen Titans pursue the boat which was towing the "Loch Ness Monster". Speedy disables the boat's steering wheel, allowing the Teen Titans to board the vessel. The "Loch Ness Monster" turns out merely to have been a ruse, perpetrated by salmon poachers.

Moments before the "Loch Ness Monster" broke the lake's surface, Wonder Girl had spied a ghost dancing upon the waves. Gillkrankie, charter boat captain, tells Wonder Girl that it was the ghost of the Black Earl Of Moray. In ages past, the Black Earl of Moray lived on an island, in the middle of Loch Ness. There, he plied his dark arts against any who were foolish enough to set foot on his island. A powerful holy man, named Angus, opposed and, eventually, defeated the Black Earl Of Moray, sinking his island beneath Loch Ness. Once a century, however, on the eve of St. Angus' Day, the island rises once more.

The Black Earl of Moray enthralls any who set foot upon the island, that don't escape, before it sinks beneath the waves once more. Robin, and Mal, report that they were attacked while below the waters of Loch Ness. The attack is the reason why they were unconscious when Speedy pulled them to the surface. With the Teen Titans standing by in a hydrofoil, Robin, and Mal, return beneath the water's surface, to flush out their attackers. Their attackers, however, are already there. Creating a whirlpool beneath Gillkrankie's ship, the aged fisherman is drawn below the water's surface. Robin, and Mal, manage to get Gillkrankie back to the surface, but it's too late.

The old man has drowned. During the melee under Loch Ness, Robin is certain that one of their attackers was Aqualad. Robin contacts Atlantis. Aquaman informs Robin that Aqualad is, indeed, in Scotland, attending school there. The Teen Titans meet with Aqualad, and his new girlfriend, Nirka McDuff. The Teen Titans ask Aqualad to join their investigation. Aqualad dives below the waters of Loch Ness. Unbeknownst to Aqualad, Robin has placed a transmitter on him. The Teen Titans overhear Aqualad, and McDuff, plotting against them. Aqualad returns to the hydrofoil, where the Teen Titans immediately bind him in chains.

Fearing the legend of the Black Earl Of Moray is true, Kid Flash, and Speedy, are sent into town, to patrol for trouble. Robin, and Mal, continue to search, beneath the waters of Loch Ness, for McDuff. Wonder Girl tends to Aqualad's water needs. Kid Flash finds the townspeople brawling in the town hall. The ghost of Gillkrankie warns Speedy not to let the town's children out on Loch Ness. Passing on the warning to Kid Flash, the Fastest Boy On Earth reaches the children, just as their boat tour launches off into Loch Ness. Kid Flash races backwards on the boat's steamer wheel, drawing it back to the dock. McDuff boards the hydrofoil, and beats the Teen Titan's benefactor, Loren Jupiter, unconscious.

McDuff ambushes Wonder Girl, and knocks her into Loch Ness. McDuff frees Aqualad. The pair swim for the Black Earl of Moray's island. Robin, and Mal, rescue Wonder Girl, then tend to Jupiter. Robin, and Mal, pursue Aqualad, and McDuff to the island. From the hydrofoil, Mal lassoes Aqualad, and brings him back on board. Robin drives the hydrofoil off the island, before it can slip back beneath the waves. Mal physically restrains Aqualad, until the spell of the Black Earl of Moray is broken. In the morning, authorities are already ascribing plausible explanations, to all the seemingly supernatural happenings of the previous night. Aqualad, himself, has no memories of his actions, while under the Black Earl of Moray's enchantment. The Teen Titans decide it best to keep their distance, in the next hundred years, when the island rises again.

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