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To Order Is To Destroy

Johnny Adler waits outside the university psychologist's office. Adler overhears Doctor Pauling discussing a voluntary brain operation with another student. Disturbed by the nature of the conversation, Adler leaves without seeing Pauling. Walking the campus grounds, Adler begins to suspect that the subdued behavior of the student body may be the result of Pauling's operations. Wally West, and his grandfather, Professor Ira West, arrive at Elford University. Professor West is giving a lecture, while Wally checks out the campus facilities, with an eye towards enrolling.

West sees several students attacking Adler. West, as Kid Flash, rescues Adler, and races him to safety. Adler has holed up in an old hunting lodge, in the hills surrounding the campus. Adler expresses his concerns to Kid Flash, who decides to call in his teammates, the Teen Titans. Kid Flash resupplies Adler with food and water, then joins his teammates at Elford University. Their presence does not go unnoticed. Doctor Pauling and the acting university president squabble over the situation. Pauling doesn't view the Teen Titans as a threat, until they head into the hills, to rendezvous with Adler.

The Teen Titans find the hunting lodge ransacked, and Adler missing. The Teen Titans return to Elford University, where they are immediately attacked by the student body. Not wishing to reveal their secret identities, the Teen Titans refuse to defend themselves using their powers, while clad in their civilian attire. Adler resists Pauling's mind control. Adler attacks Pauling, and frees the minds of the students. Pauling, and the acting university president, are arrested, and taken away by the authorities. Kid Flash questions the docility of the student body, wondering aloud why only Adler was able to resist Pauling's control.

"From One To Twenty!"

Hank Hall stakes out a newstand. Watching through binoculars, Hall sees a man pay for a poetry magazine with a single dollar. Surprisingly, the vendor hands over nineteen dollars in change. Hall, as the Hawk, trails the customer. When the customer runs afoul of two gun-wielding thieves, the Hawk swings into action. The Hawk, though, is subdued by the two gunman, beaten into unconsciousness while his quarry slips away. The Hawk, as Hall, awakes to find his brother, Don, standing over him. Hall's brother has also been patrolling the streets, in search of criminal activities.

Returning to the scene of the crime, the Halls witness the same man pay for another magazine with a dollar. Once again, he receives nineteen dollars back, in change. The vendor's behavior suggests that he isn't being shaken down by mobsters, but is actually a willing participant to the transaction. Don suspects a counterfeit ring. The Halls, as the Hawk and the Dove, take down the crooks, then turn them over to the proper authorities. With the counterfeit money pipeline exposed, it's only a matter of time before the police trace it back to the syndicate boss.

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