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I can't say that I didn't enjoy this issue, just this issue has a purpose and that is not necessarily to tell a good story but rather to get to a place where that good story can be told.  There are quite a few things going on here, from Bunker being introduced and later fighting Tim, to Cassie challenging one of her attackers from a previous issue, to Kid Flash and Solstice being on the run after escaping.  With all that is going on, it is not as though it gets confusing but more so that it gets jumbled.  By that I mean that the flow of the issue is broken up every second page with an interruption by another character in another place.  The little battle sequence at the end was handled well enough as was the dialogue (as always Tim's and Cassie's dialogue stood out.)  In the end I suppose it accomplishes one of its goal - making the reader want to read the next issue - but it could done so in a slightly more polished way.  


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    Synopsis: Introducing Bunker! What's Good? As Yakko and Wakko would put it, "Hello Nurse!" I'm really taking a liking to Miguel Barragan, aka. Bunker. Bunker is the Beast Boy of this series: he's fun, eccentric, expressive, and probably the most rational character that Tim has come across so far. His powers of psionic bricks is a nice set of powers that's different from powers I'm used to seeing. Meanwhile, I like the interaction with Kid Flash and Solstice as they try to escape a N.O.W.H.E.R.E ...

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