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Introducing Bunker, still picking up speed 0

After three issues, the Titans are still not together and no closer to bringing down N.O.W.H.E.R.E. -- the primary enemy of all young meta-humans. Teen Titans is enjoyable, but still suffers from a lack of momentum as Red Robin slowly builds the team. He meets Bunker -- an entirely new character -- in #3, and the two of them face a seemingly unrelated foe dropped in their path by the heavy hand of deus ex machina.Speaking of gods, Miguel "Bunker" Barragan's religion presents a far more interesti...

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Merging Trick 0

I can't say that I didn't enjoy this issue, just this issue has a purpose and that is not necessarily to tell a good story but rather to get to a place where that good story can be told.  There are quite a few things going on here, from Bunker being introduced and later fighting Tim, to Cassie challenging one of her attackers from a previous issue, to Kid Flash and Solstice being on the run after escaping.  With all that is going on, it is not as though it gets confusing but more so that it gets...

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Bunker Breaks In 0

Bunker has not even appear in an issue before this an people are already talking about him. The past few issues have done a good job at introducing characters, does Scott Lobdell introduce Bunker just as well?  THE GOOD: The art is okay. It's kinda sketchy but clean. It makes the book feel different from some other team books that DC Comics publishes. I just want to say that the two page spread with Kid Flash and the numbers was the coolest thing I have seen in a lot time. It was new to me and I...

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Better to have a title that makes sense... Than eat spinach! 0

Art - The art is average, both the lines and the coloring. I have a few issues with a few things though. Bunker looks like a gay stereotype, wearing 3 layers of clothing, in the middle of what is likely the south west which is still pretty hot even in the winter... oookay. Cassie's arm looks ripped for a teenager who gets her power from a bracelet and not inherently. And when Tim takes off the mask he doesn't have his domino mask on underneath which seems like he should and would, or just not ta...

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Slowly Coming Together 0

The Story: Red Robin encounters Bunker and quickly teams up with him to overcome the challenge at hand. Kid Flash saves Solstice and runs to what he believes is the Pendact Circle.  My Thoughts:Teen Titans is a series that has surprised me. While this is only the third issue, I like the direction it's heading. Scott Lobdell has now introduced us to all the characters involved with the team.  While this issue didn't exactly progress the overall story a lot, it was still a lot of fun. Lobdell's in...

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The Good: OH DEAR GOD I AM IN LOVE WITH THE NUMBER BREAKDOWN ON THE DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD. It's weird and different and I absolutely love it. Each issue I'm growing more accepting of the new design for Red Robin. He looked absolutely badass when tearing out of his disguise. Bunker's over-enthusiasm adds a fun mix to this group-in-progress. Each character is filling a different role, and it all seems like it'll come together excellently. Ok, the future plot hook they creammed in here came out of NOW...

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Bunker meets Red Robin 0

This my video review for Teen Titans issue 3. This issue is about Bunker and Red Robin working together to defeat N.O.W.H.E.R.E....

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Titans, Together? 0

Synopsis: Introducing Bunker! What's Good? As Yakko and Wakko would put it, "Hello Nurse!" I'm really taking a liking to Miguel Barragan, aka. Bunker. Bunker is the Beast Boy of this series: he's fun, eccentric, expressive, and probably the most rational character that Tim has come across so far. His powers of psionic bricks is a nice set of powers that's different from powers I'm used to seeing. Meanwhile, I like the interaction with Kid Flash and Solstice as they try to escape a N.O.W.H.E.R.E ...

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Kinda meh. 0

I really, really hate the art, it feels like something out of the 90s; I think I've said it before but I will say it again: if you want to get the Teen-aged audience go for a prettier cartoonish look, kids like that.The story is not as bad, but it's not particularly interesting. Why am I still reading this? Oh yeah! I want to know just who is Bart Allen now. I do like Bunker though, he's funny, but hate the name (and the costume, come on you guys can do better!)...

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Teen Titans # 3 0

Teen Titans # 3 (2011)Scott Lobdell brings in another fun read to enjoy. This series is good, so far I love the introduction of the characters. This book is coming out very nicely. And I do enjoy this book. I have no spoilers for this book besides I think Red Robin And Kid Flash are the stars of this book. Looks like the villain organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has it out for our heroes. If your not reading than maybe you should. Because I think this is a book that you would just be missing ...

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And he's back up ! 0

Issue #2 was a bit of a dip for me in terms of story-advancement and all that. Plus there was the semi-cheesy teenage dialog. This time, however, Lobdell does a great job with a team book. (As I would expect from a former X-Men writer) It jumps around between the different groups of heroes and lets all their stories advance. I enjoy that much more than having an issue per dude. It keeps things from getting stale and gives a reason for all our heroes to be together in the next issue.Speaking of w...

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The Big Debut 0

In this issue we see the start of Teen Titans separating into several different story arcs. Cassie only makes a minor appearance in this issue, and this is more of a debut issue for Solstice and Bunker. The issue focuses more on Bunker as he meets Tim Drake and Bunker is a rather charismatic character who sort of has a fanboy feel too him as he seeks to impress Tim. The escape of Kid Flash with solstice from the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. facility I found to be rather humorous as Bart’s movements were numbe...

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Comic Review -- Teen Titans #3: Better to Burn Out Than to Fade 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Teen Titans #3: Better to Burn Out... Than to Fade AwayI love how comic book covers can so often be a study in misdirection, if not the perpetual outright lie. Red Robin and Bunker look great as they clash here, but the closest they come in the story is preparing for fisticuffs... right before Bunker gives Red Robin a great big hug. They're friends from that point onward.Kid Flash continues to vacillate between usefulness and idio...

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